Beer #142 Hoppin’ Frog Mean Manalishi Double I.P.A.

Hoppin' Frog Mean Manalishi Double IPA

Name: Mean Manalishi Double I.P.A.

Style: Imperial I.P.A.

Brewery: Hoppin’ Frog Brewery website.

Country:  USA

Region:  Akron, Ohio

ABV: 8.2% Abv

How served: 22oz capped bomber poured into a Dogfish Head snifter.            

My Overall Opinion: Good. 

I paired this beer with: Grilled Tilapia marinated with a lemon and pepper topped with a spicy avocado salsa.  The pairing of this beer and the fish was very good, as the upfront sweet maltiness of the beer worked well with the spicy avocado salsa and the citrus finish of the beer worked well with the lemon pepper.

Tasted on:  Wednesday September 29th, 2010   

Note:  This beer poured a dark burnt orange with a thin 1 finger tan head which dissipated very quickly leaving only a minimal lacing on the glass.   The nose was sweet with only a hint of some citrus.   The taste started off sweeter than I was prepared for, making me think Barleywine not Double I.P.A., then near the middle to the end it finished with notes of grapefruit and orange rind bitterness and a hint of piney resin.   With each additional mouthful the beer became more bitter in the finish and left you with a very nice bitter feel on your tongue 5 minutes after the last sip.   The mouthfeel was of a medium body and feel with a nice level of carbonation.   The drinkability was good but not something I would want to rush to have another bottle/glassful.

This was a good beer & I’m very glad I had the opportunity to try it.  If you  find one yourself try it if you haven’t already, but there are too many other much better Imperial I.P.A.’s out in the market for me to consider buying this one again any time soon.

On the Label:  Life is measured by experiences!  Explore the extreme of the hops, and experience all of their bitterness, flavor and aroma with this Double I.P.A.   An extreme, super-assertive, and satisfying amount of American hop character is balanced with a toasty, caramelized, intense malt presence.   Specifications: 8.2% alc./vol  84 OG, 26 FG, 168 IBU.  Made from only the finest ingredients to create a superb, flavorful beer of the highest quality.

 From their website:  Mean Manalishi Double I.P.A.

Explore the extremes of hops, and experience all of their bitterness, flavor and aroma with this Double I.P.A. An extreme, super-assertive and satisfying amount of American hop character is balanced with a toasty, caramelized, intense malt presence.

8.2% a/v | 84 OG (20°P) | 168 IBU

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Beer #141 Ølfabrikken Porter

Ølfabrikken Porter

Name: Ølfabrikken Porter

Style: Baltic Porter

Brewery: Ølfabrikken website.

Country:  Denmark

Region:  Roskilde

ABV: 7.5% Abv

How served: 22.3oz capped bomber poured a Bush chalice.            

My Overall Opinion: Amazing. 

I paired this beer with: Nothing today.

Tasted on:  Thursday September 23rd, 2010   

Note:  This beer poured a very dark brown almost black with a thin dark tan head which dissipated very quickly.  The nose was sweet & smoky with hints of dark cocoa and coffee.  The taste was coffee, dark chocolate, smoke, molasses and brown sugar, but not too sweet as it finished with some bitterness.  The mouthfeel was smooth, creamy & with a medium to full body.  The drinkability was excellent and leaves you wanting more.

Look it even comes in a can too:

Ølfabrikken Porter can

On the Label:  Ølfabrikken (The Beer Factory) is an experimental brewery on the vibrant Danish beer scene.  oUr beers are unpasteurized and unfiltered, and are naturally carbonated (without added CO2) for maximum flavor, aroma, and mouth feel.

Our Porter is inspired by the weighty Baltic porters common in Scandinavia.  The taste is slightly smoky, with vinous notes from brown sugar, leading to a long, rich finish dominated by chocolate, licorice, and coffee flavors from our special blend of roasted malts.  Enjoy at 50-55° F in a tulip or tumbler glass.

From their website:  Ølfabrikken Porter (7,5 %)
A dark and rich porter inspired by the Baltic porters traditionally made in Scandinavia. Roasted without being burned or bitter, with the flavor dominated by dried fruits and vinous notes. High amounts of residual sugars and a fruity aroma makes this beer the perfect companion for chocolate desserts, if served lightly chilled. Brewed on Maris Otter ale malt, British Brown Malt, chocolate malt, roasted barley, two types of caramel malt and brown sugar.
Was in 2006 awarded Beer News of the Year (by Danish Beer Enthusiast) and Best Porter in the world (at

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Beer #140 Drake’s Denogginizer


Drake's Denogginizer

Name: Denogginizer

Style: Imperial IPA

Brewery: Drake’s Brewing Company  website.

Country:  USA

Region:  San Leandro, California

ABV: 9.75% Abv

How served: 22oz capped bomber poured into an Ommegang glass.            

My Overall Opinion: Very Good.

I paired this beer with: Grilled Tilapia topped with a spicy salsa.

Tasted on:  Wednesday September 22th, 2010   

Note:  This beer poured a copper color with a 2 finger light tan head. It left a thin lace near the bottom of the glass.   The nose was both malty sweet  & had piney and grapefruit notes. The taste was leaning more towards a Barleywine then a DIPA, it was malty sweet up front, then bitter on the back side and very well balanced. It could be that the hops have faded since this beer is about 5 months old.  The mouthfeel was smooth with a medium body.  The drinkability was very good and leaves you wanting a 2nd  Bottle.  

On the Label:  Silver Medal Winner, Imperial India Pale Ale, 2009 Great American Beer Festival.  A Double IPA, Denogginizer is a big bold beer hopped with an abundant amout of Simcoe & Columbus, with a touch of Amarillo & Cascade.  Mashed with Munich & Crystal Malt for color and flavor…and to balance out the hop assault.

Drake’s ales are urban-brewed at the former Caterpillar powerhouse in industrial San Leandro, California.  Our brewery is more gritty than pretty, but with great hops & barley malt, our talented brewers have been turning out unique and delicious beers here for over 20 years.

Established 1989: Owned & Operated by the Kirkorian & Martin Families.  We hope you like our beer!  Let us know at

From their website:  Drake’s Denogginizer Double India Pale Ale – 10% ABV, 100 IBUs!
Silver Medal winner for Imperial India Pale Ale, Great American Beer Festival 2009. Besides Jolly Roger, this is probably Drake’s most renowned beer. An Imperial (or Double) IPA, Denogginizer is a big bold beer hopped with an abundant amount of Simcoe and Amarillo with a touch of Ahtanum and Chinook. Mashed with Crystal malt and Caramalt for color and flavor to help balance out the hop assault. Denogginizer is also Drake’s most powerful regular offering, at a whopping 10% alcohol by volume!

Available November – April

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Beer #139 Mikkeller I Beat yoU


Mikkeller I Beat yoU

Name: I Beat yoU

Style: Imperial IPA

Brewery: Mikkeller   website.

Country:  København, Denmark

Region:  This was Brewed & Bottled by Mikkeller at Brewdog, Aberdeen, Scotland

ABV: 9.75% Abv

How served: 11.2oz capped bottle poured into Stone IPA glass.            

My Overall Opinion: Very Good. 

I paired this beer with: Grilled Chicken.   I.P.A. or D.I.P.A, doesn’t matter they both go well with grilled chicken.

Tasted on:  Monday September 20th, 2010   

Note:  This beer poured a clear deep orange/copper color with a very large 3 finger fluffy head which almost ran over the top of the glass.  The nose was mostly piney with some grapefruit and citrus notes. The taste was like the nose, piney, grapefruit rind and some mild herbal notes, with only a tad of malt sweetness which did not quiet down the bitterness of these hops.   The mouthfeel was of a medium body with a nice level of carbonation.  The drinkability is fairly good for an Imperial IPA, I could easily drink another as the 9.75%abv is hardly noticed.

On the Label:  

From their website:  I Beat yoU is a really hoppy IPA. It is brewed at BrewDog and the instruction for the Scotsmen was clear: we need shitloads of hops in this one! So be it. This is a hop bomb. Lots of bitter and aroma hops and alcohol and just a little bit of sweetness – just enough to provide response to the hops.

Ingredients :  barley, hops, yeast, water

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Beer #138 Fantôme Saison D’Erezée – Printemps


Fantôme Saison D'Erezée - Printemps

Name: Saison D’Erezée – Printemps

Style: Saison / Farmhouse Ale

Brewery: Brasserie Fantôme   website.

Country:  Belgium

Region:  Soy  

ABV: 8.0% Abv

How served: 750ml capped & corked bottle poured into a boerken / boerinneken tulip.           

My Overall Opinion: Amazing.

I paired this beer with: Tilapia Mediterranean.  This was a very good pairing as this beers refreshing and light citrus flavors mingled well with the light flavor of the tilapia and the mild saltiness from the olives and capers.

Tasted on:  Thursday September 16th, 2010   

Note:  As the cork was pulled out of the bottle a low hiss was heard.  The beer poured a translucent golden yellow with a large 2 finger head with very active medium sized carbonated bubbles coming off the bottom of the glass.  The head dissipated rather quickly and left a thin lacing on the glass.  The nose was all about citrus, leaning heavy on the lemon side with a mild funkiness.  The taste was mostly sweet lemon citrus up front, then a bite from some lemon zest to complement the sweetness.  Not much sour or funkiness in this Fantôme just pure enjoyment.  The mouthfeel was light and refreshing with just the right about of carbonation.  The drinkability was amazing, this is one of the most refreshing beers that I have had in a very long time and not a hint of the 8% abv, heck you would think you were drinking an alcohol free beer, that is until you finished the bottle.   I would say this is a great beer to have NOT in the spring time but in the middle of the hot summer to help you cool down.

On the Label:  Fantôme is a classic artisanal farmhouse brewery in the heart of the Ardennes forest.  It’s brews are in the robust, flavorful ‘saison’ style, and are often made with unusual spices, herbs and other mysterious ingredients that recall the early days of Belgian brewing.  Brewer Dany Prignon is known for his regular “Fantôme” saison (rated a perfect 10 in a recent book on Belgian brewing) and for the creative and adventurous brews he makes to mark each of the four seasons.  The recipes, with special ingredients to evoke the particular season, changes every year, but don’t ask what makes them so tasty… the Fantôme never gives up its secrets.

From their website:  SAISON d’EREZEE : à l’inverse d’autres brasseries, nous créons des bières de type
“Saison”, variant en fonction de celles-ci ! … Nous avons donc sous l’appellation
“Saison d’Erezée” (notre commune) diverses bières aromatisées avec du tilleul, de la camomille, du jus de pomme, ou encore du genévrier,… il y a donc une bière de Printemps, Automne, etc… Toutes différentes…  Le degré d’alcool pouvant varier de 6 à 9 %

Translated into English reads:  SEASON of EREZEE:  contrary to other breweries, we create beers of the type of “Season”, variable according to those! … We thus have under name “Season of Erezée” (our commune) various beers aromatized with lime, chamomile, juice of apple, or of juniper,… they are thus a beer of Spring, Fall, etc… All different…
The alcohol content can vary from 6 to 9% 

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