Beer #158 Jolly Pumpkin E.S. Bam

Jolly Pumpkin E.S. Bam

Name:  E.S. Bam

Style: Saison / Farmhouse Ale                  

Brewery: Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales  website

Country: USA

Region:  Dexter, Michigan

ABV: 4.7% Abv

How served:  750 ml capped  bottle poured into a Kastaar tulip.            

My Overall Opinion:  Good. 

I paired this beer with: Orecchiette con Melannane.  This was a very good pairing

Tasted on:  Monday January 24th, 2011  

Note:  This beer poured a deep opaque brown/copper with a 2 finger tan head which left a fairly thin lacing on the glass.   The nose was mildly funky, earthy and of dried grass.  In the initial taste I got hit with lightly smoked wood and a very mild funkiness , then a mild malt sweetness which ended dry with some mild bitterness of the hops.  The underlining theme was light & mild.  The mouthfeel was thin with a medium to high level of carbonation.   The drinkability was excellent and refreshing.

On the Label:  Batch 288/289.  Hoppy Farmhouse Ale.  Bottle Conditioned

Bam is an Extra Special dog.  After surviving being struck by a car, he daily somehow manages to avoid being carried away by the largish birds of prey gliding overhead, riding unseen thermals.

Bam’s tenacity seems only to be surpassed by his oversized personality.  Join us in this celebration of his excess. More malt, more hops, same vivacious personality.

 Cheers & Mahalo plenty!

 From their website:  

E.S. Bam – Extra Special Farmhouse Ale
A Bam celebration of excess. More malt, more hops, same vivacious personality.
Seasonal released in April
4.7% Alc./Vol.
750ml bottles – 12 case

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Beer #157 Ommegang Tripel Perfection

Ommegang Tripel Perfection


Name:  Tripel Perfection

Style: Tripel                  

Brewery: Brewery Ommegang  website

Country: USA

Region:  Cooperstown, New York

ABV: 8.9% Abv

How served:  750 ml corked and capped bottle poured into an Ommegang glass.            

My Overall Opinion:  Very Good. 

I paired this beer with: 4 cheese pizza topped with anchovies, sun dried tomatoes and black olives.   Very good pairing!

Tasted on:  Friday January 21th, 2011  

Note:  This beer poured a slightly hazy light golden color with a very small 1 finger white head which thinned fairly quickly leaving no lacing on the glass.   The nose was sweet with notes of banana, coriander and yeast.  The taste is full of spices, coriander Belgian yeast and fruits like banana and apples, it’s initially sweet of honey then ends dry with a mild bitterness.  The mouthfeel was pleasant with a nice   level of carbonation.   The drinkability was very good with the 8.9% abv not to noticeable.

This did not make my top 10 Tripel list, but I will look to have this one again.

On the Label:  Bottled on 03/15/10 Best by 03/2013.

Order your glassware at

The tripel is among the most popular of Belgian ales.  Brewed with simple ingredients and fierce attention to detail, there is little room for error – but lots of opportunity.  Perfection isn’t easily achieved – but once achieved it is always memorable.

And remember:

“One can not adequately explain perfection.  One can only enjoy it.” ANON

Pour slowly so as to not disturb the yeast sediment, but with enough vigor to create a luxurious head and release the rich bouquet.

 Brewery Ommegang is 3,264 miles from Brussels, but its heart is right in Belgium.  It was created out of our devotion to unique ales brewed by country where brewing is an art and partaking is a passion.

Part of the DUVEL family of fine ales.

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Beer #156 The Bruery Saison De Lente

Bruery Saison De Lente


Name:  Saison De Lente

Style: Saison                  

Brewery: The Bruery  website

Country: USA

Region: Placentia, California

ABV: 6.5% Abv

How served:  750 ml capped bottle poured into The Bruery tulip.           

My Overall Opinion:  Very Good.

I paired this beer with: Rotisserie lemon pepper chicken.  This was a very good pairing.

Tasted on:  Monday January 17th, 2011  

Note:  This beer poured an opaque golden color with a very large 3 finger fluffy white head leaving a thick lacing on the glass.   The nose was mildly funky with hints of grapefruit. The taste starts off dry and only mild funkiness was tasted.  The middle of the taste was of spices and grapefruit rid and then ended very dry.  The mouthfeel was light to medium bodied with a high level of carbonation.   The drinkability was very good and like the label states, is ideal for drinking in warmer weather.   Overall this is a very pleasant saison and I enjoyed it as it warmed and got a bit more funky.  Even though I have had many other saison I like better than this one, I’ll still buy it again.  Worthy of a try.

On the Label:  Belgian-Style Saison Ale. Golden in color with a fresh hoppiness and a wild and rustic Brettanomyces character, this saison of Spring is perfect for warmer weather and Easter celebrations.   Our Spring Saison will evolve over time; clean and hoppy when fresh, and drier with earthy, wild notes when aged up to two years.  Best stored and cellared around 55° F (13° C) in a dark place.  Ideal serving temperature is 50° F (10° C).  Please pour carefully, leaving the yeast sediment behind in the bottle.  Best served in a tulip or wine glass.

From their website:  Our Spring Saison is light blonde in color with a fresh hoppiness and a wild and rustic Brettanomyces character. Lighter in color and alcohol than our Saison Rue, yet equally complex in its own way. Perfect for warmer weather and Spring celebrations.  

ABV: 6.5%, IBU: 35, SRM: 4, Release: March – May 

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Beer #155 Lamoral Degmont

Lamoral Tripel

Name:  Lamoral Degmont

Style: Tripel                   

Brewery: Brouwerij Van den Bossche  website

Country: Belgium

Region: Sint-Lieven-Esse

ABV: 8.0% Abv

How served:  750 ml . capped bottle poured into proper glassware, a Lamoral Degmont glass.           

My Overall Opinion:  Very Good.

I paired this beer with: Grilled salmon.

Tasted on:  Sunday January 16th, 2011  

Note: This bottle opened with a loud pop and started to overflow from the bottle before I poured my 1st glass.   The beer poured a hazy golden color with a large 3 finger fluffy white head leaving a thin lacing on the glass.   The nose was sweet of malts, citrus and bready yeast.   The taste starts sweet of burnt caramel and honey then you get a to the coriander spice and fruits overtones of the Belgian yeast and finished almost dry.  The mouthfeel was a thin to medium syrupy feel with a tingling carbonation.  The drinkability was very good for a beer almost 4years past its prime.

On the Label:  Best before 03/03/07.  (Oh well I aged this one a little longer then they suggested.  But the outcome was still very very good!!!!).  When you age a beer, you can get 3 different outcomes.  Either the beer will be…

 #1, the beer is better than the “non-aged” brew. 

#2 the beer is not as good as the “fresh beer. 

OR in this case

#3, the beer is just different, but in a good way (which means you get2 beers for the price of 1)

From their website:  (please note that this did not translate very well)


A third generation – third beer?

A beer that is full of flavor, stores well and is stable over time, with an aroma like a basket full of vegetables that need a beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle.  Actually, this is a beer brewer that any worries.  The brewery brews have already made several trial and with the exception of the name was the beer with secondary fermentation in point.

Ignace Van den Bossche is a member of Kiwanis Zottegem””, a service club in the making, and make plans for an original way to collect money for the social purpose of the club.  That was the pinprick that were needed for the beer to come out.

After much searching, a name put forward”Lamoral”, the name of Earl of Egmont, whose statue is in castle Zottegem located.
In the original Spanish text of the hearing of Egmont and Hoorn, draws his interview with”Egmont”which ultimately Lamoral Degmont name of the new beer.

Just to be original if the name is in partnership with Kiwanis Zottegem a beautifully designed label, completely gray tones, and an appropriate fine glass.

The beer”Lamoral Degmont”with his label, his glass, its aroma, color, his taste and foam will ensure that the beer will be consumed far beyond its  provincial boundaries.

Flavour: Lamoral Degmont has an amber color with a beautiful blonde, white head.  The aroma is dominated by fruit and spices.  At first spicy notes come up, but soon evolves into an intense taste bitter aftertaste.

High fermentation
Vol alcohol: 8%
Plato: 16 °

24×33 cl
12×75 cl
 30 l

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Beer # 154 Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale


Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale


Name:  Philadelphia Pale Ale

Style: American Pale Ale                      

Brewery: Yards Brewing Co.   website

Country: USA

Region: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

ABV: 4.6% Abv

How served:  12 oz. capped bottle poured into a Samuel Adams perfect pint glass.           

My Overall Opinion:  Very Good. 

I paired this beer with: Shake n’ Bake chicken.  Great pairing!

Tasted on:  Thursday January 13th, 2011  

Note: This beer poured a clear golden color with a white finger head leaving a nice lacing on the glass.   The nose was very nice and strong with floral and sweet fruity notes.  The taste starts off mildly sweet from the malts and you then pick up the nice citrus flavors and a mild bitterness from the hops near the end.  The mouthfeel was thin, but still a little creamy with a medium carbonation level.  The drinkability was very good, so good I will be adding this beer to my great session beer list.  This is a great transition beer to get your friends into craft beer.

 On the Label:  When we first got into brewing, it was just to make beer for ourselves.  Friends liked it, so we made more.  As our circle of friends has grown, so has our line of handcrafted ales. We’re proud of each and every one we brew.  We hope you and your friends enjoy them as much as we do.

 From their website:  Not to be boastful, but we honestly believe that all other ales pale in comparison to this one. Brewed with pilsner malt, Philadelphia Pale Ale is crisp and hoppy, bursting with citrus flavors and aromas.

 Philadelphia Pale Ale was named one of the best Pale Ales in the country by the New York Times.

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Beer #153 Popering Hommel Bier

 The Beer I forgot I had in My Refrigerator & I’m Sure Glad I found It! 


Popering Hommel Bier


Name:  Popering Hommel Bier

Style: Belgium IPA                      

Brewery: Brouwerij Van Eecke N.V.   website

Country: Belgium

Region: Watou

ABV: 7.5% Abv

How served:  750 ml corked & caged bottle poured into a Maredsous glass.           

My Overall Opinion:  Very Good.

I paired this beer with: Grilled tilapia topped with a lemon zest and spicy olive oil.

Tasted on:  Wednesday January 12th, 2011  

Note: This beer poured a hazy straw color with a fluffy 2 finger off white head which left a thick lacing on the glass.   The nose was of sweet citrus, leaning towards orange.  The taste starts off slightly sweet but ends up dry.  In-between you pick up some spices and orange/lemon zest.  In this beer you have what might be a Belgian tripel turned hoppy.  The mouthfeel had a medium creaminess with a good carbonation level which tickled your tongue.  The drinkability was very good and refreshing with no hint of the 7.5%abv hidden in this beer.    This is a top notch Belgian IPA.  This beer improved greatly as it warmed up & I like the way the yeast improved on the flavor in the last pour from the bottle.

 From their website:  Poperings Hommelbier      

Despite the high quality of the abbey beer Het Kapittel, the favourite of the brewery remains POPERINGS HOMMELBIER.

In the area of Poperinge, which is a little town in the west of Belgium, harvesting hops is a main industry and art.  In the local dialect hommel means hop and therefore we have used the dialect to give our product a name: Poperings hommelbier.  In order to brew this beer, we use a blend of 3 types of hops.  In addition, the presence of hops in the beer are strong, enhancing its flavour and refreshing, slightly bitter taste.  Hommelbier is a beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle. Therefore, a layer of ferment is still present at the bottom of the bottle. This beer has a unique distinction of being a completely natural beer. In order to stir the layer of ferment, the beer is gently served in a glass, preferably at a temperature between 6°and8°C. We suggest keeping the bottles upright. Before serving the beer, bottles should be stored in a cool place, until they have reached the desired temperature.

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Tampa Bay Beer Safari Weekend is Almost Here!

It’s Almost Time for the 2011 Tampa Beer Safari-Register Today!

Bon Beer Voyage invites all craft beer lovers to a weekend of great beer, great food and a great time!
Our Tampa Beer Safari will begin on Friday evening, February 18th and will run through Sunday morning, February 20th, 2011
This happens to be President’s Day Weekend, so you might even have Monday off to recover! Lucky You!

Our Beertastic Price of only $475 per person double occupancy

(limited single occupancy rooms available for $650 pp) 

·        2 Nights Lodging (double occupancy) in Tampa’s Historic Ybor City

·        2 Breakfasts

·        2 Awesome Beer-Paired Dinners created especially for our group

·        Saturday Lunch with beer

·        Private Motorcoach for visits to Local Breweries with tastings! Includes Saint Somewhere, Cigar City and Dunedin Brew Pub.

·        Visit to Tarpon Springs

·        Brewery Tours

·        Beer Hunting Expedition with our Beer Guide

·        All Taxes on included hotels, meals and transportation

·      Beery Surprising Other Stuff!

 Call Today- Space is Limited! 1-888-U-Go-Beer (888-846-2337)
or reserve by clicking below
The rate is $475pp double occupancy
(please note: there are a limited number of single occupancy rooms available for $650pp call soon!) 

Click here to make a Reservation with a Payment in Full by Check

Click here to make a Reservation with a  Payment in Full by Credit Card or PayPal. 

 Tampa Beer Safari Weekend Details 

Why Tampa?

The first brewery in the state of Florida, The Florida Brewing Company (later known as the Tampa Florida Brewing Company) was founded in Tampa in 1896 by cigar industrialists. Although the TFBC only survived until 1961, fortunately for us beer & brewing still play a part in Tampa’s economy. Last year’s Tampa Beer Safari proved that Florida has much more to offer than just the mouse and the beach. So we invite you to join in exploring the Beerific Sites of Tampa during our 2nd Annual Tamp Beer Safari Weekend!

Ybor City…
Known as Tampa’s Latin Quarter for over a century, Ybor City is an exotic blend of aromas, flavors, sights and sounds.  From the scent of roasting Cuban coffee early in the morning to the rhythms of Latin music late into the night, Ybor is a feast for the senses.

Browse eclectic shops and art galleries or visit one of the museums.  See a “hand-rolled cigar” being made or just relax and “people watch” with a cup of Ybor’s famous cafe con leche. Listen to the music of the night – jazz, blues, salsa, reggae and even hip-hop emanate from a selection of pubs, patio bars and nightclubs.  Ybor is alive with a variety of entertainment that makes it one of Florida’s top-ranked nightspots.

Founded by Vicente Martinez-Ybor as a cigar-manufacturing center, Ybor City today is one of only two National Historic Landmark Districts in Florida.  Red brick buildings, wrought iron balconies and narrow brick streets give it an old-world charm that is a refreshing change of pace from the beach and the mall. Enjoy Ybor’s “spirited sights” during our private guided tour…

Tarpon Springs…

Tarpon Springs, Florida’s own Greek village is known as the Sponge Capital of the World. Here you will find authentic Greek restaurants, bakeries with mouth watering pastries and shops full of jewelry, hand-rolled cigars, Greek and Florida Souvenirs and of course, sponges! Take a stroll along the waterfront and see the sponge boats with sponges strung out to dry, or take a short cruise to learn about the sponge trade and how professional sponge divers operate. 
Beer Paired Dinner Venues:
Bernini Italian Restaurant
In the heart of historic Ybor City lies a restaurant that will take your dining experience to the next level of sophistication. It’s Bernini – an eclectic eatery where the cuisine compliments your surroundings. 
BERNINI is named after the famous sculptor, architect and painter, Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini, of the late renaissance period (1598-1680). He is best known for being the founder of the Baroque style of art. Prints of many of his sculptures adorn the restaurant’s interior.
Our dinner tonight will include two beers hand-picked by our Tampa beer specialist to complement our authentic Italian menu choices
Flemings Steakhouse:
Stylish, contemporary dining is the hallmark of Fleming’s. The menu features the finest in prime beef, augmented by a tempting variety of chops, seafood, chicken, generous salads, inventive side orders and indulgent desserts. We have the good fortune of having a 4 course beer paired dinner created especially for our Beer Safari by the chef at Flemings, who, as luck would have it, is a beer enthusiast himself!  Our specially prepared and paired dinner at this award winning steakhouse will be an experience you won’t soon forget. 
Brewery Visits

 Dunedin Brewery (Saturday’s lunch, tour and brew stop):

Fermenting since 1996 and still going strong, Dunedin Brewery, located on the west coast of Florida in the Scottish heritage town of Dunedin handcrafts all of their ales for your enjoyment from their Piper’s Pale Ale to their Apricot Wheat.

They also have a great menu including the most awesome Pacific Coast Fish Tacos you will find east of Baja!

With great atmosphere, great food and 9 ales brewed year round as well as 5 or more seasonal offerings throughout the year, this is our kind of lunch stop!



Cigar City Brewery:


Do we really need to introduce these guys? CCB was founded by beer columnist and Tampa native Joey Redner in the summer of 2007. Since its inception CCB has been guided by Joey’s passion for both great beer and the city of his birth.

With the creative input and expertise of Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup award winning brewer Wayne Wambles, Cigar City Brewing endeavors to make world class ales and lagers which celebrate the rich heritage and traditions that make Tampa one of the world’s most unique cities. With this goal in mind Cigar City Brewing incorporates local ingredients in the brewing process and always considers, during recipe creation, the local foods CCB beers are likely to be paired with. The result of this dedication is handcrafted beer that imparts a sense of place and pairs as well with gourmet cheeses as hearty Cuban sandwiches.    


Saint Somewhere Brewing Company:


Saint Somewhere is a small batch brewery, located in Tarpon Springs, Florida, which specializes in traditionally brewed, hand-crafted Belgian-style ales. All of their ales are bottle-conditioned and unfiltered and receive a dose of Brettanomyces at bottling. Despite the homage to Belgium by the strict use of Belgian malt & wheat and whole noble hops, Bob Sylvester, owner and brewer, adds a little bit of Florida by open fermentation as well as by using old Florida advertising art on his labels. The stuff inside the bottles is as much art as the labels though, especially his latest creation, Pays Du Soleil .        
And of course, the name Saint Somewhere comes from a Jimmy Buffett song, so let’s be real, Belgian may be at the heart of it, but this beer has Florida soul!  
Bob Sylvester, brewer & owner of Saint Somewhere Brewing Company in Tarpon Springs talks about his latest creation, Pays Du Soleil in this video:
Safari Accommodations
No tents on this Safari! Our accommodations are the Hampton Inn & Suites Ybor City Tampa/Downtown-the best location right in the historic district in downtown Ybor! The colorful Cuban influences of Ybor City with its authentic restaurants and shops are just steps from our hotel in Tampa. If you are driving in, we have arranged for free parking at the hotel. There is also complimentary high speed internet access in all rooms, so you can email your friends back home to tell them what they’re missing! Special rates may be available for those guests wishing to stay an extra night and take advantage of the holiday weekend, just ask!


Love Great Beer?  Join Us on a Bon Beer Voyage Beercation!

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