The Beer Stocked Refrigerator is a longtime beer enthusiast who has a passion for hunting down an untried craft brew or finding a new place to enjoy a beer.    Check out my beer tour guide site Bon Beer Voyage for the latest in Brewnique Tours for Beer Enthusiasts.

In this blog The Beer Stocked Refrigerator will try to answer some of the same dilemmas many beer enthusiasts have.

  • Which beer should I drink now?
  • Should I save “That” beer for a special occasion?
  • Which beer would go great with gnocchi in a spicy shrimp marinara sauce?
  • Do I have room in the fridge to bring back a few bottles of Blåbær Lambik from Belgium?
  • Where should I vacation to find my next beer?

This Blog will be a combination of my beer related Travel, Tastings and other things Beery.

My personal beer rating system is very simple:

Amazing: Wow, not many beers taste better than this.

Very Good:  I could drink this every day.

Good:  Would drink it again, but too many other beers to try.

OK:  Tasted, well OK but wouldn’t drink it again unless it was the only option.

Lousy:  If it’s the only option, “I’ll have water please”.

Remember tasting beer is like eating a pizza.  I love a pizza with spicy sausages and anchovies.  You might not.

2 Responses

  1. Howdy
    Had a look through your photos today, very impressive stuff, do you keep all the glasses at home?

    I would love to use some of your photos on my website as I dont photograph my beers for the reviews. I would credit them, and put a link to your site on all of them.


    Look forward to hearing from you


    • Hi Stuart,

      Thanks for taking a look at my photos. If you want to use any of my photos you can, just do as you said you would do & give me credit and a link to my site.

      I have a small handful of my beer glasses on display in my house, all the others are scattered around the house in different cabinets.

      I love that fantome glass on your site, I have been searching for that glass for years with no luck as it is ver difficult to find. Even 2be on their “wall of beers” in Bruges is missing that glass.


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