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Beer Tours, Beer Trips and Beer Vacations with Ruth and Mike of Bon Beer Voyage

Welcome to Bon Beer Voyage! Whether you are a craft beer enthusiast, a Belgian beer fanatic, or just like to drink good beer and enjoy travel, you have just found the beercation that you thought only existed in your dreams. Bon Beer Voyage is a Beer Travel Company specializing in beer trips and beer tours which combine the best of brewery tours, beer tasting, beer pairing and beer culture around the world. Join us for the ultimate beer tour experience in Belgium, Holland, Germany and other European destinations as well as 
the Brewnited States of America!
Sharing a few beers at 't Brugs Beertje   
Our Beer Tours in St. Augustine, Tampa Bay & Belgium
Some of the highlights of our “brewnique” beer tours…
♦  ENJOY… Unique regional brews in some of the most historic and best beer-stocked pubs.
♦  EXPERIENCE… the historical and fascinating cities we visit with guided tours & enjoy free time to explore on your own.
♦  VISIT… “Beer Lovers’ Meccas” such as Westvleteren and Cantillon. 
♦  SAVOR… cuisine a la bière! (that’s the fancy french term for food cooked in beer!)
♦  RELAX…it’s your vacation! No driving! No figuring out where to eat or how to get from one place to the next! 
Get ready for the “beercation” of a lifetime!
Don’t miss out on this year’s Special Once in a Lifetime Beer Trip- 
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Bon Beer Voyage was created by beer and travel junkies for beer and travel junkies. After numerous requests from friends and fellow beer enthusiasts, we decided it was time beer lovers had the same rights to beer tours and beer tastings as wine enthusiasts enjoy, so we created Bon Beer Voyage, a beer travel company, to share our passion for great beer and great travel with our comrades in keg.  

The Dynamic Duo

 The Dynamic Duo

Mike A.
Beer Guide
The Beer Guide enjoying a Belgian beer while on tour in ParisAbout Mike 
A longtime beer enthusiast, Mike knew he was destined to turn his passion for beer into a greater cause after he successfully turned a number of his “wine snob” friends into craft beer enthusiasts. Sharing his love of good beer, finding new places to enjoy his brew, and constantly on the lookout for the next limited edition of whatever craft beer he hasn’t tried yet, Mike is an avid beer hunter and an enthusiastic beer guide. When visiting a new country for the first time, Mike always makes sure to learn the most important phrases in the local language that all travelers should be armed with: 
►I’d like a beer.
►Beer on tap, please.
►Another beer.
►Where is the bathroom?

Ruth B.
Tour Director
 Ruth enjoys her "Troll" beer in front of Poechenellekelder in Brussels  
About Ruth
“Dr. Ruth” is a travel professional with over a decade of world travel experience who enjoys sharing the amazing people and places she has discovered with others. Whether she’s taking her groups on swamp buggies through the Everglades,  on an exclusive  private tour of the Sistine Chapel, rafting in the Rio Grande, or in search of the best Gelato in Tuscany, Ruth makes it a point to go that extra mile to make sure her guests go home with memories of the trip of a lifetime.    
Ruth realized she had crossed over into the beer zone when she visited a village market in France looking for souvenirs and came back with a carton of local craft beers!
Ruth finds that speaking at least a few words of the local language always helps facilitate things for her group. Although she speaks fairly good French, she has been told that  her command of the language improves after a few glasses of french wine. She is hopeful that if she drinks enough Belgian beer during her Belgium beer trips, someday she will start speaking Flemish!
Want to go super exclusive for your beer tour?
We can help you plan a private beer trip for your group! 
Call us at 1-888-U-Go-Beer to discuss your next beer vacation!

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