Beer #198 Victory White Monkey

Victory White Monkey

Victory White Monkey

Name: White Monkey

Style: Tripel

Brewery:  Victory Brewing Company  website

Country: USA

Region: Downingtown, Pennsylvania

ABV:  9.5% abv

How served:  750ml corked and caged bottle poured into Kastaar tulip glass.

My Overall Opinion: Very Good 4 Stars a

I paired this beer with:  Grilled Salmon.

Tasted on:  Tuesday April 2, 2013


This  beer poured a clear golden color with a thin white head which dissipated quickly leaving a minimal lace on my glass.       

The nose was had notes of pepper & minimal banana, along with sweet white grapes and coriander.

The taste was very pleasant with light notes of banana & cloves to go along with some nice semi sharp spiciness from the yeast which balances with a mild white grape and fruity sweetness. This beer finishes on the dry side with a touch of oakiness.  

This beer had a light to medium crisp body with a slick/smooth warming from the alcohol with a minimal  carbonation level.

Overall I was very pleased with this beer & prefer this to the Golden Monkey 

On the Label:

Since his birth in 1997, our beloved Golden Monkey has remained playfully delightful and profoundly satisfying. His soul continues to glow with the wisdom of ages and inspired our own stroke of genius. Restless from his continuous journey to joy, we felt that some quiet time in American oak barrels that once matured white wine would further soothe this ale’s silken soul. After his three-month retreat, Golden Monkey emerged refreshed and invigorated with new character and flavor nuances that only make him more profound, and possibly even more playful.


               Bill & Ron

               Brewmasters at Victory


From their website:

White Monkey: Malt Beverage Aged In Wine Barrels

Since his birth in 1997, our beloved Golden Monkey has remained playfully delightful and profoundly satisfying. His soul continues to glow with the wisdom of ages and inspired our own stroke of genius. Restless from his continuous journey to joy, we felt that some quiet time in American oak barrels that once matured white wine would further soothe this ale’s silken soul. After his three-month retreat, Golden Monkey emerged refreshed and invigorated with new character and flavor nuances that only make him more profound, and possibly even more playful.


Malt: imported 2 row malts

Hops: whole flower European hops and coriander seed

ABV: 9.5%


Limited release in 750ml caged and corked bottles and on draft

Bon Beer Voyage

Recap of the 3rd annual Jupiter Field of Beers

Jupiter Field of Beers 2011

Roger Dean Stadium 

 This was the 3rd annual Jupiter Field of Beers and I was fortunate enough to be at all 3 events.  Like the last 2 years, Fran, from Brewzzi, did an outstanding job of putting together this event.  I’m already looking forward to next years!

Roger Dean Stadium, the view from the 1st base side

 This year there were 16 mouthwatering food and beer pairing stations.  2 were alongside 1st base & 3rd base; 3 were found inside each dugout where you could eat and drink while sitting on the dugout benches and the other 6 were scattered along the backstop behind home plate. 

 Here is the list of beers, as they were presented on the Field of Beers, not necessary in the same order as consumed.

 Behind 1st Base

 #1 Wood Fired Flatbread
Saint Somewhere Lectio Divina

 Local Loxahatchee, Florida goat cheese and fresh fig compote on toasted whole grain flatbread with fresh basil.

Paired with: Lectio Divina:  

Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale

Brewery: Saint Somewhere Brewing Co.   website

Country: USA

Region: Tarpon Springs, Florida

ABV: 8.0%  

Unfiltered amber colored ale combining elements of fruity sweetness and a pleasant tartness along with classic Belgian spiciness.

Bob of Saint Somewhere holding a bottle of Lectio Divina












Inlet's Monk in the Trunk

  #2 Grilled Kobe Beef Slider

Presented on a soft potato slider roll with horseradish cream sauce.

Paired with: Monk in the Trunk  

Style: Belgian Amber Ale

Brewery: Inlet Brewing Company   website

Country: USA

Region: Jupiter, Florida

ABV: 5.5%

A unique copper colored ale with a fruity, slightly spicy aroma and subtle nutty/malty sweet flavor brewed with fresh organic hops. 

Monk in the Trunk

 Inside the 1st Base Dugout  


First Base Dugout


Tequesta English IPA

 #3 English IPA Battered Fish & Chips (Florida Snapper)

Served with smoky chipotle aioli in a paper cone.

Paired with: English IPA

Style: English IPA

Brewery: Tequesta Brewing Company

Country: USA

Region: Tequesta, Florida

ABV: ???%

Golden colored, medium body IPA, subtly balanced with floor malted Maris Otter and English Challenger and East Kent Golding Hops.

Fish and Chips in the 1st base dugout

Gordon Biersch Sticke Alt

 #4 Homemade Watercress Gnocchi

In shiitake mushroom ragu, prosciutto, roasted garlic cream and sprinkled with basil and fresh parmigiano reggiano.

Paired with: Sticke Alt

Style: German Altbier

Brewery: Gordon Biersch Brewery   website

Country: USA

Region: Miami, Florida

ABV: ??%   

A bigger version of the traditional Northern Altbier made with all German malt. Sticke Alt  means “Secret Ale” made in appreciation of loyal local brewery patrons.

Enjoying the Field of beers

 #5 Wild Pheasant and White Bean Chili

Served over a white cheddar and jalapeno biscuit with fresh oregano, tomatillo, green pepper and garlic.

Paired with: Helios Ale

Style: Saison

Brewery: Victory Brewing Company   website

Country: USA

Region: Downingtown, PA

ABV: 7.5%  

Starts with an earthy flavor and aromatic hop aroma, and turns to hints of lemon peel and pepper in the invigorating and quenching finish.

 Behind Home Plate 


Stone Smoked Porter


#6 South Florida Style Grilled  Apalachicola Florida Oyster “Rockefeller”

Topped with crispy pancetta, spinach, pernod cream with a hint of garlic and anise 

Paired with: Stone Smoked Porter

Style: Smoked Porter

Brewery: Stone Brewing Co.   website

Country: USA

Region: San Diego, California

ABV: 5.6%

A smooth, deep-mahogany colored ale with chocolate and coffee like flavors balanced with the subtle smokey quality of peat-smoked malt.

Stone Smoked Porter

Brewzzi Darkhouse

 #7 Ziggy’s Cheese Shoppe Fondue with Homemade Bretzel

Creamy imported limburger, pickled carrot and beets on a caraway, rye “Bretzel”.

Paired with: Darkhouse

Style: Belgian Dark Farmhouse Ale

Brewery: Brewzzi   website

Country: USA

Region: West Palm Beach/Boca Raton, Florida

ABV: ??%   

American take on a traditional Belgian classic. Full-bodied, slightly tart Brown Ale well balanced with fresh American hops.

“At Brewzzi, our beer’s journey doesn’t end at the bottom of the glass.  The spent grain from our brewery goes to a Loxahatchee company which uses it to make organic worm castings…yes, worm poop.  The result is an all natural, 100 percent organic fertilizer which is then sent to an organic farm to help grow vegetables we intended to use in tonight’s beer and food pairings. 

But mother nature had other plans. Two months ago, the frost and freezing temperatures ruined a large percentage of crops throughout South Florida, including our veggies.  So, while we were unable to use sustainable vegetables this time around, we promise to try again next year.


Brewzzi Darkhouse


Big Bear Imperial Stout

 #8 Stout Braised Bottom Round of Grain Fed Beef

Crusted with pasilla pepper and toasted coriander and slow roasted with a veal demi glace. Carved to order with white cheddar grits.

When they say “grain fed beef” they meant “beer grain feed”!!  “Big Bear brewmaster Matt Cox contributed to both the beer and food in tonight’s pairing.  Matt donates his spent grain to a local cattle farmer in Delray Beach, who has been feeding it to his cows since last year.  The resulting beef is part of this pairing tonight.  It’s a great example of how craft beer and sustainability can go hand in hand.”

Paired with: Big Bear Imperial Stout

Style: Imperial Stout

Brewery: Big Bear Brewing Co   website

Country: USA

Region: Coral Springs, Florida

ABV: ??%     

Big and bold, rich, dark and roasty with a hint of smokiness. Balanced by a slight malt and toffee sweetness with a smooth and creamy mouth feel from the nitrogen tap.  

Terrapin Wake n' Bake

 #9 Coffee Stout Mocha Float

Homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Paired with: Wake n’ Bake

Style: Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout

Brewery: Terrapin Brewing Company   website

Country: USA

Region: Athens, GA

ABV: 8.1%  

Black as night, this Stout is thick, rich and full of real coffee flavor. Brewed with flaked oats, flaked barley and balanced with Chinook and Northern Brewer hops.

Terrapin Wake n' Bake Ice Cream Float


Swamp Head Catherine's Passion


#10 Warm Chocolate Beignets

Cocoa and red velvet devils food doughnut with salted caramel dipping sauce.

Paired with: Catherine’s Passion

Style: Russian Imperial Stout

Brewery: Swamp Head Brewery   website

Country: USA

Region: Gainesville, Florida

ABV: 9.75%  

Big flavored, dark ale infused with organic cocoa nibs and Fare Trade coffee with a noticeable (9.75 abv) alcohol presence.

The last Chocolate Beignets


After tasting
My Eyes Swirled
My Feet Felt Different!!

My eyes started to swirl

My Feet Felt Different!

Widmer Brothers’ Reserve Brrr

 #11 Fresh Grilled Lamb Sausage

Spiced with rosemary and sage and served with savory minted anjou pear and beer reduction compote.

Paired with: Brothers’ Reserve Brrr

Style: Winter Warmer

Brewery: Widmer Brewing Company   website

Country: USA

Region: Portland, Oregon

ABV: 9.4%

Aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels. Soft oak flavor transitions to a sweet, slightly dry finish with hints of vanilla and caramel.

Widmer Brothers' Reserve Brrr

 Inside the 3rd Base Dugout


Left Hand Polestar Pilsner


 #12 Chef Carlino’s Lobster Mac and Cheese

Made with sharp aged cheddar fresh chervil and green parsley.

Paired with: Polestar Pilsner

Style: Pilsner

Brewery: Left Hand Brewery   website

Country: USA

Region: Longmont, Colorado

ABV: 5.5%

Light, crisp, elegant pilsner. Brewed with American hops yet delivering a true European Pilsner flavor.

Left Hand Polestar Pilsner

Cigar City Jai Alai White Oak aged IPA

 #13 La Caja China

Marinated, roasted whole pig with “Rincon Heat” gourmet hot sauce.

Paired with: Jai Alai White Oak Aged IPA

Style: India Pale Ale

Brewery: Cigar City Brewing    website

Country: USA

Region: Tampa, Florida

ABV: 7.5%  

Amber colored American IPA brewed with six varieties of the freshest northwestern hops with notes of macaroon, vanilla and dill.


Blue Point Rastafa Rye Ale


 #14 Florida Gator Wontons

Marinated Gator tail with sweet and spicy Florida citrus (Beer Infused) dipping sauce.

Paired with: Rastafa

Style: Rye Ale

Brewery: Blue Point Brewing Company    website

Country: USA

Region: Patchogue, NY

ABV: 7.5%  

A hearty, deep copper ale with just the right amount of rye flavor to offset the spicy, floral characteristics of the hops.

 Behind 3rd Base


Brooklyn Local One


 #15 Green Tea Cured Salmon

Served with longan berries, basil and yuzu jelly.

Paired with: Local One

Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale

Brewery: Brooklyn Brewery   website

Country: USA

Region: Brooklyn, New York

ABV: 9.0%  

Golden colored ale brewed with raw sugar, as well as German malt and hops. Re-fermented in the bottle with a dusting of Belgian yeast producing complex aroma and flavors.


Florida Swamp Ape IPA


#16 Florida Seafood Paella

Florida grouper, crab, spicy chorizo (sausage) and fresh cilantro in saffron rice.

Paired with: Swamp Ape IPA

Style: Double IPA

Brewery: Florida Beer Company   website

Country: USA

Region: Melbourne, Florida

ABV:10.0 %

Intense beast of a beer with potent aroma and bite! 10 percent alcohol IPA brewed with five distinct varieties of hops.

Florida Swamp Ape IPA

 My 3 Favorite Beer & Food Pairing of the night were:

(not including the 2 dessert pairings which were both awesome!!!!)

Wild Pheasant and White Bean Chili with Helios Ale

Wood Fired Flatbread with Lectio Divina

Grilled Kobe Beef Slider with Monk in the Trunk


My 3 Favorite Beers of the Night were:

(this was difficult as there were many great tasting beers at this event)

Swamp Head Catherine’s Passion

Cigar City Jai Alai White Oak Aged IPA

Saint Somewhere Lectio Divina 

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A Great Time at the Field of Beers

Beer #112 Victory Baltic Thunder


Victory Baltic Thunder

Name: Baltic Thunder

Style:  Baltic Porter

Brewery: Victory Brewing Company website

Country: USA

Region: Downingtown, Pennsylvania

ABV: 8.5% Abv

How served: 22oz capped bomber poured into a Brigand chalice.          

My Overall Opinion: Very Good

I paired this beer with: Leftover thick tomato based vegetable soup with shrimp and fish added.  The mild chocolate taste in this baltic porter clashed with the tomato in the soup.   Next time I’ll stay with an IPA.

Tasted on:  Thursday May 20th, 2010. 

Note:  The first thing which hits you with this beer are hints of chocolate, toffee and the sweetness of the malt.  There is no way that you would think this was 8.5% abv, as it drinks more like a 5%er.  This was a very enjoyable brew, just wish I paired it with desert instead.

On the Label:   Enjoy by Jan 27, 2011 otherwise the same as “About” below.

From their website:

ABOUT  Truly a worldly beer. Baltic Thunder represents the Baltic Porter style admirably. Exhibiting the enticing, toffee roast of the British porter that originated the style in the 18th century, and the soothing, subtle fruit nuance of contemporary brews that flourish from Helsinki to Vilnius today, this dark lager honors the Baltic god of thunder.  Created by an inspired collaboration of brewers and tempered with a touch of turmoil, Baltic Thunder rolls on to bring you enchanting light as the darkness fades.

Hops: European whole flower
Malts: imported German 2 row and roasted malts
ABV: 8.5%

Draft for a limited time
22 oz. bottles by case (of 12)

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Beer #108 Saison Du BUFF by Dogfish Head, Victory & Stone


Saison du BUFF by Dogfish Head, Victory & Stone

Name: Saison Du BUFF

Style:  Saison / Farmhouse Ale

Brewery: Collaboration with Dogfish Head Brewing Co, Victory Brewing & Stone Brewing Co

Country: USA

Region: This Batch (#1) was brewed & Bottled in Escondido, California

ABV: 6.8 % Abv

How served: 12oz capped bottle poured into an Oerbier glass.          

My Overall Opinion: Very Good. 

I paired this beer with: Hanger Steak grilled with a sweet teriyaki sauce.   Nothing wrong with this pairing.

Tasted on:  Wednesday May 12th, 2010. 

Note:  The beer had a strong aroma of herbs and spices as soon as you popped the cap.  It reminded me of the smells in the food market is Provence.  The taste was more of what you smelled with a very mild tartness.   This beer was very crisp, dry and refreshing & I was left wanting to open another.   This brew is good with or without food.  I can’t wait to see the other 2 versions of this beer.

On the Label:  Ale brewed with parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme.

BUFF  Brewers United for Freedom of Flavor.  A clandestine organization committed to liberating collective taste buds, citing the dastardly and / or oppressive reign of so-called “fizzy yellow beer’.

Buff is how we think. How we act, and who we are…Brewers United for Freedom of Flavor!  Herbs in our brew?  Impossible where I trained in Germany!  But America has granted our breweries the amazing opportunity to create inspired ales and we seized the opportunity with gusto in making this collaborative ale.  Knowing the season this was to be enjoyed, we went for refreshment.  Being BUFF we added the challenge of unique flavor and landed in a style that offers ample latitude for both goals, saison.  New to the proverbial table in discussion we all remarked how much we liked sage and the idea of herbs cascaded out of the conversation.  Picking rosemary, milling in wheat malt and dosing the herbs, we three have had more fun than people are used to with clothing still on.  Leave yours and your preconceived notions on ale behind and be BUFF with us! 

From their website: Dogfish Head / Victory / Stone, Saison du BUFF is a 6% alc/vol Saison brewed with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. This beer will be brewed three times, once at each brewery using the same recipe. The expected release dates for each brew are as follows:

Stone Brewing Co. Late April 2010

Victory Brewing Co. July 2010

Dogfish Head August 2010

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Beer # 93 Victory Wild Devil

Victory Wild Devil Ale

Name: Wild Devil Ale

Style: Belgian IPA

Brewery: Victory Brewing Company website

Country: USA

Region: Downingtown, Pennsylvania

ABV: 6.7% Abv

How served: 750ml caged and corked bottle poured into an Oerbier glass.        

My Overall Opinion: Very Good.

I paired this beer with: Publix lemon pepper rotisserie chicken (chicken in a bag).

Tasted on: Wednesday March 31th, 2010. 

Note: This beer was bottled on Jun 11 2009. This is a great twist on HopDevil, and reminded me a little of Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen IPA Tripel, but with a bit more “funk”.  Victory hit a home run on this Belgian style ale. 

On the Label:  It’s arguable that our menacingly delicious HopDevil has always been ‘wild’.  Though the India Pale Ale style that he represents was born in Great Britain, we approached the style with German malts and whole flower American hops, making a unique ale of him, indeed.  But what has made him truly wild is a change of yeast.  Brettanomyces yeast has given many a Belgian ale its soulful character of sharp tang and deep funk.  Fermented completely with brettanomyces, WildDevil features the greatest flavors of Europe and America combined.  Floral, aromatic hops still leap from this amber ale, but a whole host of new flavors are intertwined with the citrus and pine flavors of these hops, making WildDevil a sensation that is wild, worldly and wonderful!

From their website:

ABOUT: Bold, spicy, menacingly delicious HopDevil takes on an entirely new dimension when subjected to a ‘wild’ yeast fermentation. A sharp, tart edge has been added by this fermentation that plays into the caramel sweet malt deliciously and creates complex interplay with the citrus accented hops.

Malts:Imported, 2 row German malts
Hops:Whole flower American hops
Yeast: 100% laboratory grown Brettanomyces
Alcohol by Vol: 6.8%

750 ml bottle conditioned bottles year round; limited draft times

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Beer #25 Prima Pils


Victory Prima Pils


Name: Prima Pils

Style: German Pilsner

Brewery: Victory Brewing Company  website

Country: USA

Region: Downingtown , Pennsylvania

ABV: 5.30%

How served: 12 oz capped bottle poured into a James Squire glass. 

My Overall Opinion: Very Good

I paired this beer with: A few pretzels & the Dolphin & Panther Thursday night football game.

Tasted on: Thursday November 19, 2009

Note:  So far my favorite pilsner…ever.  

“Heaps of hops give this pale lager a bracing, herbal bite over layers of soft and smooth malt flavor. This refreshing combination of tastes makes Prima a classy quencher in the tradition of the great pilsners of Europe. Dry and delightful, this is an elegant beer.”

Malts:  2 row German pilsner malt
Hops: German and Czech whole flowers
Alcohol by volume: 5.3% 

Draft and bottles year ‘round. 

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