Win Tickets to the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival!

Win Tickets to the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival!

2013 Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival

Beer takes over Atlantic City on April 5 and 6 for three sessions of the music-filled Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival, and you could be there for free thanks to Bon Beer Voyage and Draft Magazine! Held at the Atlantic City Convention Center, acts like Rusted Root and Reverend Horton Heat will provide the soundtrack for a taste-fest of craft brews from across the country—think pours from North Coast, Firestone Walker, Evil Genius, Epic and Jersey’s own New Jersey Beer Co. Four beer lovers will win two tickets each to the session of their choice (transportation not included); complete the form below to enter! Contest ends March 22, 2013. Subject to official rules.

Sorry, No link to Enter as Contest ended March 22, 2013

Bon Beer Voyage

Beer #194 Blue Mountain Mandolin

Blue Mountain Mandolin

Blue Mountain Mandolin

Name: Mandolin

Style: Tripel

Brewery:  Blue Mountain Brewery  website

Country: USA

Region: Afton, Virginia

ABV: 9.0% abv

How served:  750ml corked and caged poured into my Piraat snifter.   

My Overall Opinion: Good + 3 Stars a 1/2

I paired this beer with:  Crab cakes with mango pineapple salsa and watermelon arugula salad.

Blue Mountain Mandolin with dinner

Blue Mountain Mandolin with dinner

Tasted on:  Thursday February 14, 2013

Notes: Best by March 2013 stamped on the cork

There was a muted hiss as the cork was pulled out of the bottle.  The poured a mostly clear golden-amber with a 1 ½ off white head which left almost no lacing on my glass.       

The nose had hints of yeast, pepper, apples, sweet malts and earthy tones.         

The taste started off a bit earthy, spicy and peppery.   Midway thought I picked up some light apple and citrus notes as well as some sweetness.  The finish was clean and dry with no evidence of the 9% abv.

The body was medium and slightly tacky as the carbonation level was lower than anticipate.

Overall the drinkability was good and paired well with my dinner.

On the Label:  A deep golden beer born of a single malt. Balance derived from whole-flower hops. Created from water drawn deep beneath the feet of the world’s oldest mountains. Flavor driven by a faithful dedication to excess. All brought to life by yeast from a holy place. Great beer is a riddle that does not need to be solved!

100% bottle refermented.  Store cool and upright to keep in peak condition and avoid disturbing naturally settled yeast.


Alc 9% by Vol.  34 IBU’s  21.6° Plato

Proudly brewed and bottled in the heart of Virginia.  Blue Mountain Barrel House, LLC

495 Cooperative Way Arrington, Nelson County, Va 22922

Sister Beer:

Steel Wheels E.S.B.   What’s this? Find out at

From their website:

Mandolin Artisanal Ale

24° Plato, 50 IBUs, and 10% ABV

(Note different Plato, IBU & %ABV listed on bottle)

A pale beer born of a single malt. Balance derived from whole-flower hops. Created from water drawn deep beneath the feet of the world’s oldest mountains. Flavor driven by a faithful dedication to excess. All brought to life by yeast from a holy place. Great beer is a riddle that does not need to be solved!

Available as long as each batch lasts, March-July.

Bon Beer Voyage

Bringing Back Beercation Beer… To Ship or To Schlep?

Bringing Back Beercation Beer (BBBB)…

To Ship or To Schlep?

Are you going to go on a Beeration over the holidays? Do you plan to bring home some special brews with you?

Well then read on…

One of them most frequent questions I get asked from our beercation guests is “What is the best way to bring beer back home from Belgium?”

Although this answer is based on shipping or schlepping from Belgium, the basics of packing and shipping apply, regardless from  where you are BBBB!

This is getting more complicated to answer each year because of all the airline restrictions on the weight of your suitcases as well as the number of bags you are allowed to check-in without a fee. As you know, this can vary from carrier to carrier, some are free & some charge an arm & a leg. Other variables include how much of the green stuff ($) you’re willing to spend vs. how much you are willing to schlep your beer to get it to and from the airport.   

To help you decide, first, you should find out what your airline charges for baggage fees. Then you can compare it to the cost of shipping. 

If you want to ship (mail) beer from Belgium to the US:

Good News is that there are National Postal service offices in Bruges & Brussels and in all major metro areas.

The Bad News is the Cost is pretty steep.
To ship to the USA, approximate prices are: 52 euro for 10KG(22lbs), 78 euro for 20KG(44lbs) and 102 euro for 30KG(66lbs).

In USD assuming an exchange rate of 1.35 then 52 euro = $70.20 for 22 pounds; 78 euro = $105.30 for 44 pounds & 102 euro = $137.70 for 66 pounds.

Weight wise, a case of 750ml bottles (12) can be between 33 – 42 pounds depending on the weight of the glass.  The weight can vary greatly as some champagne style bottles weigh 4 pounds & the small bottles (11.2oz) can weight about 1.2 pounds each.

So once you do the math, you can determine how much you want to spend to ship vs schlep the beer home yourself.

How To ship: You can most likely get boxes at some of the beer bottle shops. Some of the breweries you visit might have one of two to spare…but there are no guarantees to find a box.  The Post Office might have some boxes, but the “green” movement is very big there and it is getting more and more difficult to find bubble wrap and cardboard boxes in Europe. So at the very least, make sure to bring a roll of bubble wrap and packing tape with you (or, even better, if you have one, an empty wine shipper).

To pack your beer, wrap up in bubble wrap or put it into a Styrofoam beer/wine holders and secure snugly in shipping box. Make sure your address includes “USA”. Take to Post office to ship. You might have to fill out forms at the post office. If you do, make sure you say it is for personal consumption.

Shipping downfalls: Besides being very pricey, it could take a long time to receive your beer. It will have to clear customs in the US, which is much more difficult than at the airport. There is also a higher risk of losing your packages by sending them this way.

To bring beer back on the plane with you

Either check on, pack in your suitcase, or carry on the plane a large lightweight empty duffel bag with a roll of bubble wrap and packing tape (or, even better, if you have one, an empty Styrofoam wine/beer shipper).  At the end of the trip just bubble wrap all the bottles then place them in your “hard suitcase” and cushion with some of your clothing. Use the large duffel bag to stash the rest of the clothes that will not fit in your hard suitcase because there is beer inside. You might want to also pack a few small garbage bags to put your wrapped beer bottles in, just in case there is breakage.  This is the method most people use, including me, and is the safest and cheapest. Customs is no hassle, however I recommend that you still declare that you have beer and the value of all the beer you are bringing home. Most likely you will not have to pay any taxes and it will not be confiscated.  By bring the beer home with you on the plane there is less risk of the beer getting lost and you will get you beer much quicker since it will arrive home when you do!

(Besides using bubble wrap, other ways to “protect” you beer bottels are to slip a bottle into a heavy sock and then roll it up with a t-shirt or a pairs of jeans/slacks).

Downfall of bring beer back on the plane: You need to schlep a very heavy suitcase (full of beer) to the airport.

Additional precautions and thoughts: Sometimes we also take large ziplocs and/or Saran wrap for extra wrapping. Most important to remember though, is though the beer will be good when you get it home, it is never the same as the joy of drinking great beer at the source, so don’t forget to enjoy your brews when you are there, in the moment, on Beercation!


Bon Beer Voyage

70 Brewers, over 300 beers, meads and cider at The Festival

Bon Beer Voyage will be going to The Festival in Worcester Massachusetts where we will be joining a number of the brewers whom we visit on our Beercations and Beer Safari Weekends.    

This is a truly unique international festival focused on artisanal brewers.  What’s special about The Festival is that the people who create these brews will actually be on hand to pour them- Every single producer will be there: more than sixty five different artisans, bringing over three-hundred different beers, ciders and meads! And since we know once you taste their beers, you’re going to want to go visit the breweries in person with us on Beercation, we’ve arranged for you to save $10 per ticket with a special discount link for our Bon Beer Voyage Brewsletter subscribers, Beer Stocked Refrigerator readers and Twitter followers! 

The Festival Discount Coupon

And if you are psyched about The Festival, you’ll love our Grand Crus to Farmhouse Brews Beercation Cruise through Belgium and France.  Not only do we visit some of the great breweries represented at The Festival on this trip, but we also will be visiting Rodenbach, In de Vrede at Westvleteren, St. Bernardus and more. And this once in a lifetime itinerary finishes with a tour of Chimay during their 150th anniversary! But don’t wait too long to book or you’ll miss the boat – cabin space is very limited!


12% Imports and Shelton Brothers have partnered to present a unique international festival focused on artisanal brewers, as well as cider and mead makers. We aren’t just throwing the words ‘unique’ or ‘artisanal’ around lightly here. We specialize in importing small-batch products, from tiny producers, in far-off places, in very small quantities. Never before has any festival in the U.S. featured such a broad array of traditional drinks from across the globe. That alone is unique, but what’s even more special about The Festival is that the people who create these beers, ciders, and meads will actually be on hand to pour them! Every single producer will be there: more than sixty different artisans, bringing over three-hundred different beers, ciders, and meads! We have producers traveling from as far away as Japan and New Zealand – all told, more than a dozen countries will be represented at The Festival.

Location: Mechanics Hall, 321 Main Street, Worcester MA 01608

Session 1: Saturday, 23 June, 12pm – 4pm

Session 2: Saturday, 23 June, 5:30pm – 9:30pm

Session 3: Sunday, 24 June, 12pm – 5pm

Cost: With the special Bon Beer Voyage discount each session is $50 (originally each individual session is $60; and a weekend pass for all three sessions is $160).

For general inquiries, please contact:

Twitter: @TheFestivalUS

Volunteer inquiries may be sent to:

The Artisans 

(from the offical Festival website)

Some of the world’s greatest and smallest artisanal beer and cider makers will join us to meet festival attendees and share their stories and knowledge. You’d have to spend months and countless dollars for a chance to meet this many world-class brewers and cider makers. We’ve saved you the trouble and the expense . . . they’ll all be on hand, personally, to talk about their work and to pour for you. And many will be creating special brews specifically for the event — you won’t be able to find them anywhere else!

We’ve listed the brewers and cider makers who have committed to attend The Festival below. We’ll be updating this beer list until The Festival, so keep checking back.
Click on a name below to be taken to the individual website of the producer.

8 Wired Brewing Co and Renaissance: Blenheim, New Zealand
Brewer in attendance: Soren Eriksen
Confirmed Beers: HopWired, Fresh HopWired, ReWired, Big Smoke, iStout, Batch 31, Coffee Brown, Haywired, Tall Poppy

ÆppelTreow Winery & Distillery: Burlington, WI, USA
Brewer in attendance: Charles McGonegal
Confirmed Beers: Barn Swallow, Appley Brut, Oriole Perry, Kinglet Bitter, Apple Brandy, Pommeaux, Poirrissimo

Against the Grain: Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Brewer in Attendance: Jerry Gnagy
Confirmed Beers: Bloody Show, Lick the Blade, Bay and Pepper your Bretts, Raucho Man Randy Beverage

Masia Agullons Cervesa Artesana: Mediona, Spain
Brewer in Attendance: Carlos Virigili
Confirmed Beers: Setembre, Dalmoru, Veritaine Pale Ale, Pura Pale, La Runa

Anchorage Brewing Company: Anchorage, AK, USA
Brewer in Attendance: Gabe Fletcher
Confirmed Beers: Whiteout Wit, Tide and Its Takers, Galaxy IPA, The Experiment

Bad Attitude Beer: Stabio, Switzerland
Brewer in Attendance: Nicola Beltraminelli
Confirmed Beers: The Dude, Kurt, Two Penny, Hippie

Baird Brewing Company: Numazu, Shizuoka, Japan
Brewer in Attendance: Bryan Baird
Confirmed Beers: Rising Sun, Angrey Boy, Red Rose, Kurofone Porter, Dark Skye, Shizuoka Summer Mikan Ale, Belgian Strong Pale Ale

Middlemiss Brewing Co.: Auckland, New Zealand
Brewer in Attendance: Ben Middlemiss
Confirmed Beers: Nota Bene Vintage, Nota Bene Current, Hodgson IPA

Beer Here: Kobenhavn, Denmark
Brewer in Attendance: Christian Skovdal Andersen
Confirmed Beers: Sod, Wicked Wheat, Dead Cat, Dark Hops, Yule Wine, Executioner IPA

Brasserie de Blaugies: Dour-Blaugies, Belgium
Brewer in Attendance: Pierre-Alex Carlier, Kevin Carlier
Confirmed Beers: La Moneuse, Darbyste, Saison d’Epeautre

Brasserie de Cazeau: Templeuve, Belgium
Brewer in Attendance: Laurent Agache
Confirmed Beers: Tournay Black, Tournay, Tournay Tripel

Brodie’s Beers: London, United Kingdom
Brewer in Attendance: James Brody
Confirmed Beers: Hoxton Special IPA, Hackney Red IPA, Sim Coe for Breakfast, Romanov Empress Stout, Old Street Pale Ale, Citra

Buxton Brewing Company: Buxton, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Brewer in Attendance: Geoff Quinn
Confirmed Beers: Coming Soon!

Cabinet Artisanal Brewhouse: Alexandria, VA, USA
Brewer in Attendance: Terry Hawbaker
Confirmed Beers: Coming Soon!

Cambridge Brewing Company: Cambridge, MA, USA
Brewer in Attendance: Will Meyers
Confirmed Beers: Coming Soon!

Brasserie Cantillon: Brussels, Belgium
Brewer in Attendance: Jean van Roy
Confirmed Beers: Single-Barrel Lambic 1, Single-Barrel Lambic 2, Single-Barrel Lambic 3, Gueuze, Kriek, Fou’foune, Cuvee St. Gilloise, Vigneronne, Zwanze 2010

Christoffel: Roermond, Netherlands
Brewer in Attendance: Joyce van den Elshout
Confirmed Beers: Bier, Nobel Bramling Cross, Wijzer

Celestial Meads: Anchorage, AK, USA
Brewer in Attendance: Michael Kiker
Confirmed Meads: Odin’s Gift, Gunnlod’s Tears, Belgique, Razzery, Miel Noir

Cidrerie Traditionnelle du Perche: Le Theil, France
Brewer in Attendance: Nathalie Plessis
Confirmed Beers: L’Hermetière Cidre Brut, L’Hermetière Cidre Demi-Sec, L’Hermetière Poiré, Trahant, Pommeau, Calvados

La Companiya Cervesera del Montseny: Seva, Spain
Brewer in Attendance: Info coming soon!
Confirmed Beers: Malta Cuvee, Blat, Ecolupulus, Negra Stout, Malta Pale

Crooked Stave: Fort Collins, CO, USA
Brewer in Attendance: Chad Yakobsen
Confirmed Beers: Petite Sour, Surette Reserva, Batch #1, Persica, Blackberry Petite Sour, Wild Wild Brett Series

Brouwerij De Dochter Van De Korenaar: Baarle-Hertog, Antwerp, Belgium
Brewer in Attendance: Ronald Mengerink
Confirmed Beers: Peated Oak-Aged Embrasse, L’Enfant Terrible, Charbon, Bravoure

Brouwerij De Graal: Brakel, Belgium
Brewer in Attendance: Wim Saeyens
Confirmed Beers: Gember, Tripel, Quest, Triverius

Brasserie de la Senne: Brussels, Belgium
Brewer in Attendance: Yvan de Baets, Bernard Leboucq
Confirmed Beers: Brussels Calling, Taras Boulba, Zinnebir, Jambe de Bois, Zwarte Piet, Stouterik

Brouwerij de Molen: Bodegraven, Netherlands
Brewer in Attendance: Menno Olivier
Confirmed Beers: Hout & Hop (Barolo Barrel), Mooi & Meedogenloos (Bruichladdich Barrel), Lief & Leed on Cherries, Hemel & Aarde (Caol Ila Barrel), Hel & Verdoemenis (Bunnahabhain Barrel), Bakker Wort Brouwer (Bowmore + Port Barrels)

De Ranke: Wevelgem, Belgium
Brewer in Attendance: Nino Bacelle
Confirmed Beers: XX Bitter, Guldenberg, Noir de Dottignies, Saison de Dottignies, Kriek, Cuvée.

Bryggeriet Djævlebryg, Devil’s Brew: Copenhagen, Denmark
Brewer in Attendance: Per Olaf Huusfeldt
Confirmed Beers, Gudeløs, Old Mephisto, Dark Beast, Pride of Nekron, Eclipse.

Dieu du Ciel!: Montreal, QC, Canada
Brewer in Attendance: Jean-Francois Gravel, Stephane Ostiguy, Luc Lafontaine
Confirmed Beers: Péché Mortel, Péché Mortel Bourbon, Chaman, L’Herbe à Détourne, Isseki Nicho, Isseki Nicho Pinot Noir, Solstice d’été aux Framboises

Evil Twin Brewing: Valby, Denmark
Brewer in Attendance: Jeppe Jarnit Bjergsø
Confirmed Beers: Yin & Yang, Freudian Slip, Even More Jesus, Auld Yin

Freigeist Bierkultur: North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Brewer in Attendance: Sebastian Sauer
Confirmed Beers: Coming soon!

Brouwerij ‘t Gaverhopke: Harelbeke, West Flanders, Belgium
Brewer in Attendance: Bruno Delrue
Confirmed Beers: Gaverhopke Extra, Gaverhopke Singing Blond, Koerseklakske

Bierbrouwerij Grand-Café Emelisse: Kamperland Zeeland, Netherlands
Brewer in Attendance: Kees Bubberman
Confirmed Beers: Ardbeg Imperial Russian Stout, Espresso Stout, Black IPA, Holland Oats

Haandbryggeriet: Drammen, Norway
Brewer in Attendance: Jens Petter Maudal
Confirmed Beers: Dark Force, Union (Collaboration with Narke), Norwegian Wood, Dark Force Reserva, Barrel-Aged Aquavit Porter, Sweet and Sour, Sur Megge, Cuvée #1, Krekling

High & Mighty Beer Co.: Easthampton, MA, USA
Brewer in Attendance: Will Shelton
Confirmed Beers: Coming Soon!

Hill Farmstead Brewery: Greensboro Bend, VT, USA
Brewer in Attendance: Shaun Hill, Dan Suarez
Confirmed Beers: Everett, Nor, Edward, What is Enlightenment?

Hobbybrouwerij Het Nest: Turnhout, Belgium
Brewer in Attendance: Guy Verbunt
Confirmed Beers: Turnhoutse Patriot, Kevertienen, Hertenheer.

‘t Hofbrouwerijke: Beerzel, Belgium
Brewer in Attendance: Jef Goetelen
Confirmed Beers: Hofblues, Hoftrol, Hofdraak, Bosprotter

Brouwerij Hof Ten Dormaal: Tildonk, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium

Brewer in Attendance:Andre Janssens

Confirmed beers: Premier of the Barrel Aged Beer Project: A blonde farmhouse house ale aged in several different European wine and spirits barrels (including: Armagnac, Cognac, Madeira, and Jenever).

Hogan’s Cider: Alcester, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Brewer in Attendance: Allen Hogan
Confirmed Ciders: Coming Soon!

Hopfenstark: L’Assomption, QC, Canada
Brewer in Attendance: Fred Cormier
Confirmed Beers: Boson de Higgs, Kamarad Frederick

Huvila & Malmgard: Malmgård, Finland
Brewer in Attendance: Markku Pulliainen, Tuomas Markkula
Confirmed Beers: ESB, X Porter, Artic Circle, Pale Ale, Sahti

Brasserie de Jandrain-Jandrenouille: Jandrain, Belgium
Brewer in Attendance: Alexandre Dumont, Stéphane Meulemans
Confirmed Beers: IV Saison, VI Wheat, V Cense

Jester King Craft Brewery: Austin, TX, USA
Brewer in Attendance: Jeffrey Stuffings, Ron Extract
Confirmed Beers: Drink’in the Sunbelt, Whiskey Rodeo, Beer Geek Rodeo, Weasel Rodeo, le Petit Prince, Nobel King, Boxer’s Revenge, Wytchmaker, Black Metal

Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales: Dexter, MI, USA
Brewer in Attendance: Ron Jeffries
Confirmed Beers: Coming soon!

Brouwerij Kerkom: Sint-Truiden, Belgium
Brewer in Attendance: Marc Limet
Confirmed Beers: Bink Blond, Bink Tripel, Bink Bloessem, Bink Grand Cru.

Kissmeyer: Charlottenlund, Denmark
Brewer in Attendance: Anders Kissmeyer
Confirmed Beers: Coming Soon!

Les Trois Mousquetaires: Brossard, Quebec
Brewer in Attendance: Jonathan Lafortune
Confirmed Beers: Kellerbier, Sticke Alt, Doppelbock, Porter Baltique

Local Option: Chicago, IL, USA
Brewer in Attendance: Tony Russomano, Noah Hopkins
Beers Confirmed: Morning Wood

Mahr’s: Bamberg, Germany
Brewer in Attendance: Stephan Michel
Beers Confirmed: Coming soon!

Midtfyns Bryghus: Broby, Denmark
Brewer in Attendance: Eddie Szweda
Confirmed Beers: Double IPA, Barley Wine, Wasabi Pale Ale, Chili Tripel, Imperial Stout, Rough Snuff, X-Porter (Collaboration with De Molen).

Mikkeller: København, Denmark
Brewer in Attendance: Mikkel Borg Bjergsø
Beers Confirmed: SontanBlueberry Deluxe, Texas Ranger BA Raspberry, US Alive, Hop Bomb Challenge, Hot Dog Beer, Koppi IPA, Invasion IPA (Mercury Brewed Version), Not Just Another Wit, Sour Bitch, Mikkeller/Three Floyd’s Boo Goop, Beer Geek Brunch Cognac Edition.

Nøgne-Ø: Grimstad, Norway
Brewer in Attendance: Kjetil Jikiun, Tore Nybø
Beers Confirmed: Nøgne O/Terrapin Imperial Rye Porter, Two Captains 2IPA, Oak’d Sunturn, Sunturn Bo 11%, Dark Horizon Batch 3, Citrus Hystrix, Porter, India Saison, Red Horizon 3rd Edition, Red Horizon 2nd Edition, Imperial Stout Cognac Edition, Sake Junmai.

Oliver’s Cider & Perry: Hereford, United Kingdom
Brewer in Attendance: Tom Oliver
Confirmed Ciders: Coming soon!

Omnipollo: Stockholm, Sweden
Brewer in Attendance: Henok Fentie
Confirmed Beers: Leon, Mazarin

Page 24/ Brasserie St Germain: Aix-noulette, France
Brewer in Attendance: Stephane Bogaert
Confirmed Beers: Reserve Hildegarde Blonde, Reserve Hildegarde Ambree, Brune, Triple

Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project: Somerville, MA, USA
Brewer in Attendance: Dann Paquette, Martha Paquette
Confirmed Beers: Babayaga, Lovely St. Winefride, Jack D’Or, Baby Tree, Fluffy White Rabbits, Field Mouse’s Farewell, American Darling, 1945 X Ale, 1838 X Ale, St. Botolph’s Town.

Ridgeway: South Stoke, United Kingdom
Brewer in Attendance: Peter Scholey
Confirmed Beers: Coming Soon!

St Somewhere Brewing Company: Tarpon Springs, FL, USA
Brewer in Attendance: Bob Sylvester
Confirmed Beers: Coming Soon!

Huisbrouwerij Sint Canarus: Deinze-Gottem, East Flanders, Belgium
Brewer in Attendance: Piet Meirhaeghe
Confirmed Beers: Coming soon!

Sixpoint Brewery: Brooklyn, New York, USA
More information coming soon!

Brouwerij Slaapmutske: Melle, Belgium
Brewer in Attendance: Dany De Smet
Confirmed Beers: Triple Nightcap, Hop Collection Ft. Kent Goldings, Hop Collection Ft. Challenger, Dry Hopped Lager SaazSaaz.

Stillwater Artisanal Ales: Baltimore, MD, USA
Brewer in Attendance: Brian Strumke
Confirmed Beers: Bourbon BA Folklore, Table Beer

de Struise Brouwers: Oostvleteren, Belgium
Brewer in Attendance: Urbain Coutteau
Confirmed Beers: Coming Soon!

Thiriez: Esquelbecq, France
Brewer in Attendance: Daniel Thiriez
Confirmed Beers: Blonde, Ambree, Extra, Dalva.

Gueuzerie Tilquin: Rebecq-Rognon, Belgium
Brewer in Attendance: Pierre Tilquin
Confirmed Beers: Gueuze Tilquin, Gueuze Tilquin on Draft

To Ol: Frederiksberg, Denmark
Brewer in Attendance: Tore Gynther, Tobias E. Jensen
Confirmed Beers: Ov-Ral, Mochaccino Messiah, Sleep Over Coffee IPA, First Fontier IPA, Black Ball Porter, Goliat Coffee Stout, Raid Beer, Sort Mælk.

Brasserie Trois Dames:Sainte-Croix, Switzerland
Brewer in Attendance: Raphaël Mettler
Confirmed Beers: Coming Soon!

Le Trou du Diable: Shawinigan Quebec, Canada
Brewer in Attendance: Isaac Tremblay, André Trudel
Confirmed Beers: Sang d’Encre, SMaSH Citra, La Buteuse, Schieve Tabarnak!, Dulcis Succubus, Impératrice (Bourbon Barrel), La Buteuse Brassin Spécial

Klosterbrauerei Weissenohe: Weißenohe, Bavaria, Germany
Brewer in Attendance: Urban Winkler
Confirmed Beers: Coming Soon!

Yeastie Boys: Wellington, New Zealand
Brewer in Attendance: Stu McKinlay, Sam Possenniskie
Confirmed Beers: Gunmatta, Digital IPA, Bye Bye Badman, Pot Kettle Black, Rex Attitude.

Bon Beer Voyage

Do you want Free tickets to the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival?

2012 Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival

Win Free Admission to the 2012 Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival! Courtesy of Bon Beer Voyage & Draft Magazine

We will be giving away 2 pairs of tickets to each Session

Session 1 – Friday March 30th – 7pm to 11pm

Session 2 – Saturday March 31st – 12pm to 4pm

Session 3 – Saturday March 31st – 6pm to 10pm

 My wife Ruth will be in New Jersey for the Atlantic City Beer Festival at the end of the month, so we decided to give away a couple of pairs of tickets to each of the sessions! Tix cost $50 each so I guess you could say that we are giving away $100s of dollars worth of beer! Contest is only running ’til the 27th, since the festival is March 30th and 31st, so enter to win your Atlantic City Beer Festival tickets today !  

 If you are attending the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival be sure to stop by the Draft Magazine booth to say hello to Ruth from Bon Beer Voyage and find out about some of our newest Beercations and pick up a special gift. 

Click Here to Enter to Win Your Free Tickets 

Contest ends March 27th, 2012

Visit the AC Beer & Music Festival official website for more beery details

Bon Beer Voyage

My Midnight Sun Brewing Beer Fest

Midnight Sun Brewing Co 2009 Crew Brew Tasting

The 2009 Midnight Sun Brewing Co's Crew Brew's Plus some extras

Since my wife will be in Boston this weekend for the “Night of the Barrels” & the “Extreme” Beer Festival I can up with a plan.   To keep me from being home alone and sulking with jealously of her tasting all those great beer I will have my own mini “Extreme Beer Festival” at my house.

Tomorrow I plan on having a few of my closest friends over to share some beers from the Midnight Sun Brewing Co from Anchorage Alaska (which is 4000 miles from my house as the crow flies).   Now these are not just any one of their beers, like I said I wanted a mini Extreme Beer Fest, so I will be featuring all of their brews from their 2009 Crew Brew Series PLUS a few extras.

Here is the low down on these beers from the Midnight Sun Brewing website. 


Espresso Black Bier

9.7 % Alcohol By Volume

17 International Bittering Units (IBUs)

CREATOR = Jeremiah

Beer Description:
Combining jet black color with incredibly smooth texture and decadent coffee flavor, BREWTALITY breaks the expectations of both rich espresso and dark beer to create a whole ‘nuther beast. While brutal in alcoholic strength, this biggie beautifully showcases its roasted malt and coffee flavors without bringing on bitterness and bite. This is the first of two lagers in the series.

“Antidote for Hibernation”

Creator of This Beer:
Assistant Brewer Jeremiah works primarily at Midnight Sun Brewing Company with regular hours at the AK Rock Gym and the occasional shift or two Kaladi Brothers Coffee. To keep up with his weekly work schedule, he enjoys locally roasted coffee in the morning–OK, sometimes in the afternoon as well–and locally brewed beer in the evening– OK, sometimes in the morning as well. This beer brings two of his worlds together as an incredible antidote for hibernation.

“And I don’t need your kiss and hug
I just Chug-a-Lug-O my coffee mug.”
lyrics from Coffee Mug by Descendents
on the Everything Sucks LP, released 1996

AK – draft and 22-oz bottles (orig release 02/20/2009; next release 11/27/09)


Imperial Abbey Ale
brewed with raisins + grains of paradise

8.3 % Alcohol By Volume

25 International Bittering Units (IBUs)


Beer Description:
This deep amber Imperial Abbey Ale melds malt and earth, spice and fruit to create a wonderful vehicle to wind down the day. Belgian yeast contributes flavor notes that accent the raisins and grains of paradise used in the brewing process. With strength and stamina, DESCENT is deliberately impetuous in its mission.

“The Way Down”

Creator of This Beer:
Kourtney, aka K-Dogg…aka K-Tron, is our hotdog boarder|cyclist|brewer. K-Dogg works and plays harder than most…and he’s got the scars to prove it. His beer was inspired by the Belgian beers he enjoys after an incredible day on one of his boards or bikes or in the brewhouse. Created as a tribute to the monk-ethic that produces beautiful beer through spiritual dedication to centuries-old standards, DESCENT celebrates “the way down”.

“We’re all pushing up the tin can mountain top
The smokestack clouds with glory attached.”
lyrics from Motorcade by Beck
on the The Information LP, released 2006

AK – draft and 22-oz bottles (limited release begins 03/20/2009)


Witbier with Brettanomyces

6.25 % Alcohol By Volume

20 International Bittering Units (IBUs)


Beer Description:
This Belgian witbier begins with equal parts malted wheat and pale barley to create its traditional cloudy white appearance. The addition of Brettanomyces gives ANCHOR its trademark “green apple” or “horse blanket” aroma and lends tartness to the flavor and finish. At over 6% ABV, this ANCHOR’s got a bit of more kick than most wits.

“Raise your Anchor”

Creator of This Beer:
Since joining MSBC in 1998, Gabe has worked and mastered the complete gamut of jobs in our brewery. As Head Brewer, he uses his accumulation of brewing knowledge and experience to continually conceptualize and create amazing beers. With oak-barrel aging, a multitude of yeast strains and a plethora of processes in back pocket, Gabe is now experimenting with Brettanomyces and other “bugs”. This beer combines his long-standing favorite beer style, witbier, with his new BFF, Brettanomyces. Raise your Anchor!

“Through churning waters and midnight skies
You were my anchor.”
lyrics from Anchor by Misery Signals
on the Mirrors LP, released 2006

AK – draft and 22-oz bottles (limited release begins 04/17/2009)


Fairway Pilsner

5.2 % Alcohol By Volume

28 International Bittering Units (IBUs)


Beer Description:
This gorgeous golden pilsner is aromatic and flavorful with glorious hops and malt. FAHRWASSER represents the best that summer has to offer.

“Fairway to Heaven”

Creator of This Beer:
Reid is our onsite go-to beer guy who handles the bulk of our to-go beer sales. Reid is a full-time UAA student who manages to sell beer at MSBC, run a side welding business, keep the golf discs flying all year-round & create music with his band, Bushwood. He wrote and performed his song “No 9 to 5”, which resonates his idea of a fairway to heaven.

FAHRWASSER means “fair water” or “fairway”. This inspired pilsner breaks par with every sip.

“My putt is looking good Just like a flying saucer
Bangs like I knew it would I’ll have ein mehr Fahrwasser.”
lyrics from No 9 to 5 by Reid Fenton/Bushwood
on, published 2009

AK – draft and 22-oz bottles (limited release begins 05/15/2009)

Big Slick

American Barley Wine

11.9 % Alcohol By Volume

100 International Bittering Units (IBUs)


Beer Description:
This kick ass American Barley Wine is all about hops —Nugget, Chinook, Simcoe and Centennial. And, yeah, LoTs of ‘em. OK…there’s a substantial malt base on which these juicy Pacific NW hops lie down and do their dirty work. Maybe that’s too much info…

“This Ace-King WiLL Make U Flop. Period.”

Creator of This Beer:
Grant is the guy who presents and represents MSBC beers out in the field. He is solid+steadfast+diligent. But outside of slinging MSBC beer, Grant is a beast on the baseball field. He aaRggGHs it out with the Fairview Pirates of the Alaska Baseball league–holds several records in any given week. And then, there’s poker. Grant knows his way around The River. But even he can’t avoid the temptation of a Big Slick.

BIG SLICK is the best non-paired hand in Texas Hold ’em but veterans advise against betting this combo.

“My wallet’s gettin’ thin and I just lost my watch last night. Well I gotta problem. Just one answer. Gotta throw it all down and kiss it goodbye. YeaH!”
lyrics from Crazy Game of Poker by O.A.R
on The Wanderer LP, released 2001

AK – draft and 22-oz bottles (limited release begins 07/03/2009)


Double Rum Bock

10.0 % Alcohol By Volume

30 International Bittering Units (IBUs)


Beer Description:
This double bock provides smooth sailin’ in rough seas. The fact that this luscious lager was aged in rum barrels creates the illusion that the open sea is a safe place. And while riding out these waves of grain, you may fall victim to the dangers of pirates, rum, bock. OK…maybe the beach is a bit over-rated.

“Wanna RuMBaH?”

Creator of This Beer:
Marko is founder/president/managing member of MSBC. He is a complete psycho about beer although he steers toward the classics: adores IPAs, loves lagers, hates funk. Mark has lead us all on this crazy journey—risking life and lifestyle—to create a company of diligent and dedicated folks who are here for one purpose: The Beer. But Mark is The One with the Cajones. Mark makes The Big Picture happen. Buffett is his hero — beaches, boats, bars — so it’s apropos that he chose “A Pirate Looks at 40” for his beer inspiration song. RUMBAH is smooth and sexy on the surface but it will rough it out of you.

“Yes I am a pirate, two hundred years too late
The cannons don’t thunder, there’s nothin’ to plunder
I’m an over-forty victim of fate”
lyrics from A Pirate Looks at 40 by Jimmy Buffett
on A1A LP, published 1974

AK – draft and 22-oz bottles (limited release begins 09/25/2009)


Black Witbier

6.2 % Alcohol By Volume

17 International Bittering Units (IBUs)


Beer Description:
Close your eyes. The delicate aroma, flavor, texture of this beer whisper “witbier”. Now open your eyes. The color is deceiving. You take another sip. Yes, witbier … but black as night. It is something quite peculiar—BuT it is brilliant—something shimmering and [not so] white.

“Completely Cosmic?”

Creator of This Beer:
Gary is our General Manager. A Mid-West upbringing and strong backgrounds in civil engineering and homebrewing create a basis that is consistent, fair, and knowledgeable in his role at the brewery. Gary is our sounding board. He gives the weekly tour – now on Thursdays at 6 PM – with poise and grace. Gary is a golf fiend, playing justly regardless of the competition or the stakes. That says a lot about him. A longtime fan of The Church, Gary chose this song for its yin and yang: white stars against a black sky. COSMIC is a cool representation of this concept.

And its something quite peculiar,
Something that’s shimmering and white.
Leads you here despite your destination,
Under the milky way tonight”
Lyrics from
Under the Milky Way by The Church
on Starfish LP, published 1988

Check out Lincoln’s commercial for its new SUV, which features Sia singing these same words that Gary’s chose for his song inspiration. It’s 30 seconds.

AK – draft and 22-oz bottles (limited release begins 10/16/2009)


Gruit Ale
brewed with juniper berries and other botanicals

8.0 % Alcohol By Volume

00 International Bittering Units (IBUs)


Beer Description:
This gruit ale was inspired by the Phish song of the same name. A traditional gruit in style, Bathtub Gin was brewed without hops. Instead Ben spiced his beer with botanicals typically used to flavor gin: juniper berries, orris root, angelica root, grains of paradise, lemon peel, orange peel and coriander. The result is intensely fragrant, flavorful and fabulous.

Creator of This Beer:
As Lead Brewer, Ben organizes and orchestrates beer production on a daily basis. His attention to detail results in continuous success. His culinary background lends depth to his expansive knowledge of complementary and contrasting flavors in foods and beers. Ben brings a no BS yet upbeat, positive attitude to the company. He is well-respected as a brewer, beer geek and chef.

“Here comes the joker with his silly grin. He carries a Martini made of bathtub gin”
lyrics from Bathtub Gin by Phish
on Lawn Boy LP, released 1991

AK – draft and 22-oz bottles (limited release begins 12/31/2009)

Belgian-style Double Dubel

13.2 % Alcohol By Volume

45 International Bittering Units (IBUs)

CREATOR = La Femme

Beer Description:
“Double Dubel” is a playful way to say Quadrupel. This strong dark ale was brewed and aged with ancho chilies, which are the dried version of poblanos. Anchos impart earthy, raisin-y, peppery characteristics but not a lot of heat. The result is a complex elixir that pairs well with rich, spiced foods but can also be savored on its own. Because was aged in French oak Cabernet Sauvignon barrels with ancho chilies for several months before conditioning.

“Because I said so…”

Creator of This Beer:
As VP of Midnight Sun and self-proclaimed “La Femme de Beer”, Barb directs beer style and label design of new/series beers; creates events to bolster business that also provide entertainment value and foster community spirit; writes wacky and not-so-weekly ale-mails that can confuse as much as amuse and educate the reader; and promotes all that is MSBC—its beer, food and folks. Barb generates most MSBC propaganda and authors the web site. She is inspired, fueled and awed by the world of beer.

“I’m tired of whys, choking on whys.
I just need a little because, because.”
lyrics from Fast as You Can by Fiona Apple
on When the Pawn… LP, released 1999

AK – draft and 22-oz bottles (limited release begins 06/13/2010)

ADDITIONAL BONUS Beers from Midnight Sun

Specialty Imports’

30th Anniversary Ale

30th Anniversary Specialty Beer: OAK AGED Black Double IPA

8.5 % Alcohol By Volume

87 International Bittering Units (IBUs)


To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Specialty Imports’ specialty wine and beer import business, Midnight Sun Brewing Company brewed a very special beer–a black double IPA–to honor this Alaska company’s long-term success.

This Specialty Beer Black Double IPA celebrates Specialty Imports’ success in importing and distributing the world’s best wines and beers to the appreciative folks in Alaska. This “Specialty Beer” brings together smooth, dark malts with intense aromatic hops to create a wonderfully balanced yet committed-to-flavor ale. Then this ale was aged in oak barrels for several months.

Availability:    AK – 22-oz bottles (limited release begins 10/23/2009)

** A non-oak-aged version was released in JAN 2009.

2008 Artic Devil

Arctic Devil Barley Wine 2008

13.2 % Alcohol By Volume

20 International Bittering Units (IBUs)

Arctic Devil Barley Wine, aptly named after the ferocious wolverine of the north, is an English-style (meaning malt-inclined) barley wine. Though the recipe and process for Arctic Devil have evolved over the years, it is brewed once a year then aged in oak barrels for several months before the entire batch is blended, bottled and released. Beginning in 2010, ADBW will be released in late SEP.

In its youth, Arctic Devil gnarls and snarls its way across the palate. Containing this beast of a beer for long periods in oak barrels–some having previously aged port, wine or whiskey–tames the unleashed malt and fierce hop flavors, melding and mellowing this powerful liquid into an incredible elixir worthy of a brewer’s table.

Each annual batch of Arctic Devil Barley Wine represents the brewers’ resolve to create an intriguing and sought-after barley wine by precisely brewing to well-designed specifications, carefully selecting the type and combination of barrels to use for aging, and meticulously checking the beer as it ages. Distinct nuance and complexity are contributed by the wood’s previous tenants, resulting in unique flavor profiles in each batch that continue to change over time. We invite you to savor Arctic Devil Barley Wine upon its release then cellar some for future enjoyment.

Midnight Sun’s elusive Arctic Devil Barley Wine is Alaska’s most awarded barley wine.

2009 Artctic Rhino Coffee Porter

Arctic Rhino Coffee Porter

5.0 % Alcohol By Volume

20 International Bittering Units (IBUs)

Inspired by local artist & roaster Michael Allen’s eccentricly-named blend of coffee beans, Midnight Sun’s brewers designed a beer recipe and flavor infusion process that perfectly captures the alluring aroma, satisfying flavor and curious legend of Allen’s Arctic Rhino Coffee Blend.

Arctic Rhino Coffee Porter combines two quintessential Pacific Northwest favorites: coffee and ale. The result is wonderfully romantic and robust–a duel-fueled porter that melds charismatic dark malt with freshly roasted coffee beans.

The (un)rest is up to you.

“Being the sort who likes to balance his stimulants and depressants, I’m fond of a good coffee beer now and then, especially when it’s crafted so the coffee, or the hops, or the alcohol, doesn’t overwhelm the other elements. Like in this ebony beauty. Rich coffee on the nose, but also notes of sweet mocha and dates, and an equal balance of dark chocolaty malt, dark raisin and black plum and, naturally, espresso-ish coffee on the palate. Sure, the java is obvious on the first sniff and sip, but by the time you finish your glass, you may have even forgotten this is a coffee beer, so well integrated are all the flavors.”
by Steve Beaumont in All About Beer magazine, JAN 2010 issue


666 Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel
Belgian-style Golden Ale

8.5 % Alcohol By Volume

35 International Bittering Units (IBUs)


Fallen Angel Golden Ale, first brewed on 6-6-6 [JUN 6, 2006], is named in the tradition of Belgian golden strong ales–after the devil himself. We call this beer our “original sin” because it spawned our 2007 Deadly Sin beer series.

Midnight Sun’s Fallen Angel Golden Ale is a traditional Belgian-style golden strong ale–deep gold in color with tiny, conniving bubbles forming a very thick, meticulous head. Effervescent and crisp, this delicious ale tempts the palate with apple, pear and a little earthy mustiness. Its beauty and brightness is angel-like in appearance but the devil in is its strength.

With its introduction in 2006 and its immediate cult following, Fallen Angel is now brewed and released on a more frequent basis.

Bon Beer Voyage Presents:

Bon Beer Voyage Presents:

The Ultimate Beer Connoisseur & Foodie Dining Experience!

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Bon Beer Voyage Invite You to Join us in Tampa, Florida for a 4 Course Gourmet Beer Paired Dinner

February 10, 2012 7:00 PM

2011 Bon Beer Voyage Dinner at Fleming's Prime Steakhouse

This dinner is part of our 3rd Annual Tampa Beer Safari Weekend Tour. For those of you who cannot join us for the whole tour, we have opened up a limited number of seats for this dinner and look forward to seeing you there!


 First Course

Mission Bay Sea Scallop

Truffled popcorn, bacon cream sauce, arugula salad

Paired with:

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace, Farmhouse Ale, Brooklyn, New York

Second Course

Malheur Spring Salad

Julienned Pears and Gala apples, tossed in Orange Sriracha vinaigrette,

finished with candied walnuts and grape tomatoes

Paired with:

Malheur 10, Brouwerij De Landtsheer NV, Belgium

Third Course


5-spiced spaetzle, Szechuan peppercorn demi

Paired with:

Cigar City Maduro, American Brown Ale, Tampa, FL

Fourth Course

Dark Chocolate Cheesecake

Russian imperial ganache, raspberry port crème anglaise

Paired with:

Samuel Smith, Russian Imperial Stout, Tadcaster, England

$76.50 per person includes tax & gratuity

Limited Seating – Reserve Today!

Cigar City Brewing Needs Your Help!

The Following is a Plea for Help from Cigar City Brewing.  Whether You Live in the Tampa Bay Area or Not, Please Contact the City Council Members Listed Below. 

 Joey Redner has suggestions on what you should say in a polite manner written below.

Thanks for you help.

Cigar City Brewing published a new entry entitled “255: The Tasting Room Needs Your Help Again.” on 11/10/2010 10:15:13 AM, written by Cigar City Brewing.

255: The Tasting Room Needs Your Help Again.

Last Thursday we went to get our temporary wet-zoning made permanent and to extend our hours of operation. Since we have operated for two years without incident this should have been a rubber stamp. But, due to politics, a willful lack of understanding and what I personally believe is just a downright embracing of unfair practices, we got a 3-3 vote (you need 4 yes votes) and had to reschedule.

Our next trip in front of the Tampa City Council will be December 2nd. My birthday. We need 4 votes at this meeting and a following one or we lose our wet-zoning on the 16th of December. This means no more Tasting Room, no more special events, no more limited release parties, no beer for sell, at all, at the Tasting Room.

We have had no incidents at the Tasting Room. There has never been a police call for the brewery. We have never been cited for any violations. In short, we have shown, through our actions not our words, that we are a responsible business and neighbor. And oh by the way, while the economy has been stumbling along we have gone from 2 employees to 22. And some of those employees are in danger of losing their jobs because some members on the city council lack leadership and critical reasoning skills.

I don’t know if we can change any minds. Some bias runs too deep. But I am humbly asking of everyone that supports craft beer in the Bay Area to help us. If you ever wondered why Florida is often considered a beer wasteland, dealing with provincial politicians and unfair laws is one of the reasons.  And we have run headlong into that fact many times. This is just another iteration of the climate breweries have to operate in here.

This is what you can do to try to help. Contact ALL of the members of City Council. If you live in the city and vote, tell them so. If you live outside the city or the state, tell them Cigar City Brewing is one of the reasons you come into the city to spend money. In short, let the council know that Tampa having a craft beer scene is important to you. Handwritten letters (addresses are int he links) are always more personal, but if you simply do not have time there is an online contact for each member. And there is a phone # for each member as well. Feel free to call and let the members know that CCB and craft beer are important to you.

These are the three members of Council who voted against us.

Gwen Miller
Thomas Scott
Curtis Stokes

These are those Council members who voted for us, let them know that you appreciate that they looked at evidence and fact and were not swayed by unsubstantiated claims.

Mary Mulhern
Yvonne Yoli Capin
Joseph Caetano

Finally, the member who was absent. Let Charlie Miranda know you support CCB and craft beer and are counting on his yes vote on December 2nd.

Charlie Miranda

I want to tank everyone for their support. When I look back at the last two years and see the growth we have had it both amazes and humbles me. And I know that any success we have had is due to our loyal supporters who buy our beer and spread the word to others. We appreciate and value that support and regret that we must lean on you again, but we truly do need your help again desperately.

The CCB Staff and Joey Redner


Beer #112 Victory Baltic Thunder


Victory Baltic Thunder

Name: Baltic Thunder

Style:  Baltic Porter

Brewery: Victory Brewing Company website

Country: USA

Region: Downingtown, Pennsylvania

ABV: 8.5% Abv

How served: 22oz capped bomber poured into a Brigand chalice.          

My Overall Opinion: Very Good

I paired this beer with: Leftover thick tomato based vegetable soup with shrimp and fish added.  The mild chocolate taste in this baltic porter clashed with the tomato in the soup.   Next time I’ll stay with an IPA.

Tasted on:  Thursday May 20th, 2010. 

Note:  The first thing which hits you with this beer are hints of chocolate, toffee and the sweetness of the malt.  There is no way that you would think this was 8.5% abv, as it drinks more like a 5%er.  This was a very enjoyable brew, just wish I paired it with desert instead.

On the Label:   Enjoy by Jan 27, 2011 otherwise the same as “About” below.

From their website:

ABOUT  Truly a worldly beer. Baltic Thunder represents the Baltic Porter style admirably. Exhibiting the enticing, toffee roast of the British porter that originated the style in the 18th century, and the soothing, subtle fruit nuance of contemporary brews that flourish from Helsinki to Vilnius today, this dark lager honors the Baltic god of thunder.  Created by an inspired collaboration of brewers and tempered with a touch of turmoil, Baltic Thunder rolls on to bring you enchanting light as the darkness fades.

Hops: European whole flower
Malts: imported German 2 row and roasted malts
ABV: 8.5%

Draft for a limited time
22 oz. bottles by case (of 12)

Love Great Beer?  Join Us on a Bon Beer Voyage Beercation!

Bon Beer Voyage gets Press Today

Ruth & Mike on a Bon Beer Voyage

Our new beer tour company Bon Beer Voyage  got in the news today.  Check out the links below to read all about it.

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Tampa Beer Safari March 2010

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